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Vantage essential business english and Corporate Services
Learn Social eLearning
Velawoods immersive eLearning program

Global Business Speaks English


Companies are mandating English as the standard corporate language to facilitate global sales and communication.

Nearly 2 billion people now use English as a first or second language. Adopting English in a corporate strategy is a must.


Can your company compete in the global marketplace?

The Power of Learn Social

Connect is a 650-hours General English course. It’s completely online. 


Connect can also be ‘lended with its online components and taught in a classroom setting.


Vantage's Connect is just one course that uses the power of the learn social platform to teach English.

Live English, Learn English

Velawoods English is the only online English course specifically designed for self-study with a complete learning program aligned to internationally recognized qualifications.


Students are able to develop all their language skills—writing, reading, speaking and listening—through real-life situations and other characters living in the virtual world of Velawoods.

Vantage English for Students

Essential English Teaching for your Future


There are 2 billion reasons why English matters.


It’s the fastest growing language in human history. And almost all professional jobs now require a good command of English.


Will you be able to speak to the world of tomorrow?


Award winning Vantage TELF Certification
Vantage English for Professionals

World'sTop Rated TEFL Program

Vantage was #1 worldwide in the Top TEFL Course Providers category in the Community Choice Awards.

Vantage's TEFL certification is validated by Lamar University (Texas, USA). 

We run onsite and online TEFL certificate programs through our In-Class, Combined and Virtual Vantage TEFL courses. 

Essential Professional English Training


Today it’s a “must” to know English to get ahead.


If you want to be competitive in today's global workplace, knowing English is now a “basic” skill.


Vantage Professional’s Essential English skills for your carrer will get you on the road to success.

Comprehensive Exam Preparation

Vantage has trained more than 1,000+ Settlement Visa candidates who have who have successfully passed the United Kingdom Visa and Immigration (UKVI) Settlement Visa requirements for an A1 level in Speaking and in Listening.

Our IELTS A1 Life Skills Prep Class is a complete confidence booster designed to optimize your performance on the IELTS Life Skills test


GETS English Tests for Schools

Improves Overall Academic Performance

The GETS for Schools testing suite of English exams aims at equipping students with a wide range of vocabulary and effective English language skills needed to study and understand all school subjects in depth.


English Placement Test

A state-of-the-art computer adaptive test that assesses English language skills,


GETS tests are more secure, easier to administer, cost less and have greater accuracy than traditional tests. Results are aligned to the CEFR.

The GETS Higher Exam

English Proficiency Exam

GETS Higher tests all four language skills—Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking—in a modular manner.


Choose the full test or take any one individual module at a time. Results aligned to the CEFR

Vantage Assessment Services
Free English language Placement Tests

Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre


Over 20,000 institutions use Cambridge Assessment Exams in over 130 countries. 


Unlike traditional school tests that test only one languages skill, Cambridge exams are comprehensive four-skills language tests..

Four Online Placement Tests

Free online placement "quick look" tests from Cambridge English.


The General English Test is for adult learners. Choose the For Schools if you're a student.11 years or older.


The Business English test has been created for working professionals.


Parents can test their kid's English in the Young Learner Test.

Cambridge Young Learner English (YLE)


Parents often call and ask, "My school doesn't offer Cambridge exams!  How can I have my child take a Cambridge test?

Now you can!


Click to learn more about our preparation course and same day Cambridge YLE exam.

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Cambridge English exams
Cambridge English PET Speaking Test
Cambridge English exams
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Cambridge English FCE Speaking Test
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