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Corporate Services

Customized Business English Strategies

Business English means different things to different people.


For some, it focuses on vocabulary and topics used in the worlds of business, trade, finance, medical or tourism.


For others, it refers more to the specific communication skills used in the workplace and focuses on the language and skills needed for typical business communication such as presentations, negotiations, meetings, correspondence, or report writing.

We Offer What You Need

You may have offered training courses to your employees previously, but the results didn’t make a significant difference in their job performance..

A key reason may be the English that they were learning could not be directly applied to their job.

Customized Training

Vantage Customized English Training is an excellent way to make your English training more relevant.


Customized courses can focus only on the skills and language content that your staff really need.


And they can include specific information about your industry, your company, and your products and customers.

Vantage's Customized Training

Needs Analysis

To customize a course to your specific requirements, it’s essential to do a Vantage Needs Analysis to determine both the current and the desired performance. The difference or the gap between the two is the learning that must occur and the basis for good training design.


Customized training is for those who need to see a real improvement on the job in a short period of time.


Customized training is more expensive than standard training. But if your objective is to see real improvement on the job—that will impact your bottom line—it’s well worth the investment.

Why Vantage?

In addition to our expertise in standard training courses and in customized training, we employ the latest methodologies in English language training. Depending on your needs, we can also offer an online-based solution such as eLearning and blended learning—which mixes online training with a teacher in a classroom setting.

We offer state-of-the-art corporate-centered programs:​

Corporate Workshops


Vantage Workshops focuses on the critical core competencies required to succeed in today’s business from business skills like negotiations and making effective presentations to time management skills 


Corpoate Workships.png

Executive Coaching


Vantage’s Executive Coaches will develop your talents and accelerate your success.

Vantage Corporate Coaching Services

eLearning Platforms

      Vantage has it's 650-hours, six CEFR level Connect Course, in foundational general English.

      We also offer Velawoods, an immersive eLearning program. Corporate eLearning coming in August 2019.

Vantage's Connect eLearning
Velawoods eLearning Platform

Rakuten—now Japan’s largest online retailer shows how a language strategy, implemented in 2010, transformed the company in a global player. Read the Case Study to learn how.

If you’re ready to expand into new markets or reach out to new international customers—or if you’re having problems dealing with existing business in English—perhaps we should be talking.

Our Clients

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