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Nearly 2 billion people–that’s one in every four of us–can speak English. The British Council predicts within five years about half the world's population - over 3.5 billion people - will speak English.


It used to be a good idea to know English to get ahead. Today it’s a "must." 


If you want to be competitive in tomorrow’s world, knowing English to a competent B2 level is now a “basic” skill. 

Vantage's Connect

Vantage Connect is a comprehensive General English course. It's an ideal way to learn English for Mathayom and university-aged students as the content was designed for the 13 to 24 year olds.


Connect has six English levels that span the A1 to C1 CEFR levels of language proficiency measurement so it's designed to teach beginners to advanced learners of English abililty.


Each level contains 20 units, which practice all 4 language skills of listening, speaking, reading & writing. Connect also teaches grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.


Learn Social Connect A1-C1 Student Book
Learn Social Social Learning eLearning

The Power of Social Learning

Learn Social is a unique feature of Vantage's Connect course.


It allows for "Peer Review" from your fellow students and it makes learning fun.


Click here to watch our video on how this all works.

eLearning or Blended Learning?

Connect has been designed as a complete eLearning course that you can do on you own.


Connect can also be used in a "blended learning" classroom where we combine or "blend" the Connect eCourse with actual teacher who will follow your coursework. 


Native speaking teachers will deliver multimedia lessons of video, audio, images and text.


The teacher directs each lesson based on your progress and your needs.


Vantage teachers will emphasize speaking in your class and also continuously check your understanding of the Connect coursework. 

Blended Learning Methodology
Mobile eLearning

Available On & Offline

The entire coursebooks above are all online.


That means you can hear all the audio - performed by native speakers - which you can't do through a traditional course book.


And you can continue studying when you don't have internet access.


Simply download your lesson when your online so you can then practice on your Connect Course anywhere, anytime.

Online and Offline Learning

English Opens Up a World of Opportunities

English is the dominant business language and will help give you the keys to the best jobs.


This is already true today - it will be even more true tomorrow.



10 Reasons to Study English

Test your English - for Free!

Take our free Vantage Placement Test now to see how much English you already know and then contact us to get started

Vantage English Placement Test
Vantage Essential English Learn Social
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