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Cambridge Young Learn English (YLE) Exams

Parents often call us and ask, "My school doesn't offer Cambridge exams!  How can I have my child take a Cambridge test?

Cambridge English Assessment Exam Preparation Centre

Vantage is a specialized Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre. It offers training and examinations to children and schools. 

Many children take these exams at their school. However, if your child’s school doesn’t offer Cambridge exams, Vantage run these tests at their test center on most months.

Here's our schedule for YLE Preparation Courses complete with the same day Cambrdeige YLE exam.

Vantage Siam is an authorised Cambridre Exam Preparation Centre
Young Learners English Exams available in Thaialnd

Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers--three exams that are part of the range of Cambridge English Qualifications


These tests are designed so that each exam builds on the skills learners develop at the previous level.

Pre-A1 Starters is the first of three Cambridge English Qualifications designed for young English learners.


These tests introduce children to everyday written and spoken English and are an excellent way for them to gain confidence and improve their English.

Pre A1 Starters   Cambridge English.png

A1 Movers is the second of our young English learner exams.


The tests are focused on the skills needed to communicate effectively in English through listening, speaking, reading and writing language skills.

A1 Movers   Key Facts.png

A2 Flyers is the third of our young English learner exams.

This exam shows how a child can deal with everyday written and spoken English at a basic level.

A2 Flyers   Cambridge English.png

Vantage YLE Prep Course

Vantage has years of experience both administering Cambridge exams and training test candidates to achieve their best performance possible.

During our 4-hour YLE preparation course, you’ll go through and practice each of the three sections of the YLE exam– Reading & Listening, Writing and Speaking.

You do a mock face-to-face Speaking test with a Cambridge certified speaking examiner and then go through your performance discovering ways to improve.


Vantage's YLE Preparation Course will cover::

  • Vocabulary lists and how these keywords are used.

  • You do a real practice speaking exam with Cambridge trained speaking examiners. You can see videos of Cambridge Speaking Exams for each of the three YLE tests..

  • Actual listening questions from past exams and learn how to ‘actively listen’ for correct information.

  • Test mechanics: the types of questions used in YLE exams

  • How to mark the answer sheet

  • Color practice which is used in the Listening exam. How to identify the correct objects to color.

So Which  Cambridge Test Should I take?

It's not uncommon for parents to know which English proficiency level— Starters, Movers or Flyers—their child should start at—particularly if they’ve been already studying English at school.

You can take our free Placement test to help you decide which exam your child should be studying for.

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