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Vantage's Learn Social


Online English Courses


Vantage's Connected

Connect is our comprehensive General English online course that ranges from beginning to advanced language proficiency levels. Connect has six levels that span the A1 to C2 CEFR levels  - designed to teach beginners to advanced learners of English.


Each level contains 20 units, which practice all four language skills of listening, speaking, reading & writing. Connect also teaches grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.


You simply logon using your unique Username and Password. 


Vantage's Connect can be done anywhere and anytime. Connect also works on any device - a computer, tablet or smartphone - and on any platform.

Learn more about Connected’s curriculum


Learn Social Connect B2 Studnet Book
Learn Social Connect A1 Studnet Book
Learn Social Connect A2 Studnet Book
Learn Social Connect B1 Studnet Book
Learn Social Connect B2 Studnet Book
Learn Social Connect C1 Studnet Book

eLearning or Blended Learning?

Our Learn Social courses have been designed as a complete eLearning course that you can do on your own.


They can also be used in a "blended learning" classroom where we combine or "blend" the Connected with an actual teacher who will follow your coursework. 


A professional teacher will deliver multimedia lessons of video, audio, images, and text. The teacher directs each lesson based on student progress and learning requirements.


Vantage teachers will emphasize speaking in our classes and continuously check student understanding of the coursework. 

Blended Learning Methodology
Learn Social eLearning Social Learning

The Power of Social Learning

Learn Social is a unique feature of Vantage's Connected course.


It allows for "Peer Review" from your fellow students and it makes learning fun.


Click here to watch our video on how this all works.

Available Online & Offline

The entire coursebooks above are all online. So you can access you course anytme! Moreover, you can hear all the audio - performed by native speakers - which you can do by a traditional course book.


And you can continue studying when you are in places where you don't have internet access.


Simply download your lesson when your online so you can then practice on your Connected Course anywhere, anytime.

Online and Offline Learning

Would You Like a Demonstration

We'd by happy to show you the power of Learn Social.


Contact us today to learn more.

Vantage Essential English Learn Social
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