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Nearly 2 billion people–that’s one in every four of us–can speak English. It used to be a good idea to know English to get ahead. Today it’s a must.  


If you want to be competitive in today's global workplace, knowing English to a B2 level is now a “basic” skill.

Oxford Business English Series Coursebooks
Vantage Professional: The World At Your FIngertips

Oxford University Press "Express Series"
Vantage 360 uses a licensed digital version of Oxford's Express Series. These
proven courses are for businesspeople who want to develop or improve their workplace communications skills so that they can have more success in their careers.


Each is a short, intensive 30 hour course so you can progress quickly.


Exercises in every unit allow you to learn new expressions and practice core grammatical structures.

Blended Learning Methodology

Vantage Blended Learning

Bended learning is the combined use of face-to-face teaching combined with online learning. 


You will have a certified IELTS teacher who will direct both your classroom and online course of study.

The Power of Social Learning

Learn Social is a unique feature of the Vantage Professional.course t allows for "Peer Review" from your fellow students and it makes learning fun.


Click here to watch our video on how this all works.

You Need Time to Practice

Vantage’s blended learning works on any device...on any platform - both online and offline.


That means you can practice outside class – anywhere and anytime – on you smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Would you like a demonstration?

We'd by happy to show you the the effectivemenss of Oxford Express Series for business and the power of Learn Social. 


Contact us today to learn more.

Online and Offline Learning
Vantage Essential English Learn Social
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