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The GETS Nursing English Proficiency Test

Set in the Workplace Context of Nurses and Caregivers

A Special Purpose Exam

Experts in the field of nursing, general healthcare and English language assessments have come together to design and develop GETS Nursing as the most current and up-to-date, specific purpose English test for Nurses and Caregivers.


This exam is a specific purpose test of English proficiency for Nurses and Caregivers and students for Nursing colleges.

GETS Nursing focuses on assessing the language usage in the medical workplace setting suitable for nurses and caregivers.

The exam helps nursing colleges, medical colleges, universities and specific purpose training institutes and other higher education institutions to assess English proficiency levels of their students and plan improvement programs alongside their formal education and help prepare them for global nursing jobs.

The GETS Nursing is particularly useful for hospitals, nursing homes, care homes, polyclinics, private caregiving and nursing service providers in their recruitment and placement purposes.

Qualifications & Assessments International UK

All Four Language Skills Tested

GETS Nursing is four separate exams—Reading, Listening, and Speaking & Writing— that can be taken together or separately as individual test modules.

The test development is backed by years of research by Qualifications and Assessments International (QAI) in the UK.

The test questions of the GETS Nursing are engaging, relevant to the nursing profession and are up-to-date.
GETS Nursing is a Secure Test. It is available as a Paper based test and is also Computer delivered through Authorised Centres. The test can also be taken at home by a test-taker which would be delivered using online proctoring method.

The Writing and Speaking modules are human marked by Certified Examiners.

The Speaking test can be completed online as a recorded session or can be conducted live with an human examiner through Video or can also be conducted face-to-face.

The results are typically released within 7 working days of completion.

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Results are Aligned to the CEFR

The GETS Nursing Exam's results are reported in the GETS Scale of English and they are aligned to the CEFR.

You can see/download a sample Test Report Form below.

The Common European Framework of Reference—or CEFR—measures language ability in a scale of six levels, which start from A1 for beginners to C2 for native English speakers or those who have mastered the language.


The CEFR is the industry standard for measuring language proficiency and a key resource for educational policy worldwide.

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GETS Nursing Test Report Form

Free Download

Test Report Form

Test Format, Task Types & Description

The Listening Exam

Listening Exam

4 Parts/25 questions

Approximately 30 min.

Part 1: 3 min

Part 2: 4 min Part 3: 1O min Part 4: 5-6 min

Tracks played once only.

Task types: 3 option multiple choice and note-completion questions.

Skills tested: Following instructions; listening to specific information and details; listening for detailed meaning; listening to identify attitude and opinion of the speakers; listening for details; listening for gist and overall meaning.

Test source: Designed using adapted real-world materials. Tracks will include: interactions with colleagues in a workplace, briefings by paramedical professionals, interactions with patient/carer, consultation with health professionals, presentations/interview of experts in healthcare contexts.

Questions & Marking: A total of 25 questions . One mark for each correct answer. No negative marking for incorrect answers .

The Reading Exam

Reading Exam

3 Parts/35 questions

45 min.

Approximate text length:

Part 1: 500-600 words

Part 2: 350-400 words

Part 3: 750-800 words

Test-takers are required to respond to questions based on a reading of approximately 1600-1800 words.

Task types: matching task, gapped text with multiple options, multiple option gap fill and multiple-choice questions.

Skills tested: Reading for gist and global meaning; reading for specific information and details; reading to understand the main idea; reading for detailed comprehension; reading medical documents to interpret information; understanding attitudes & opinions; following text organization features; understanding text structures.

Test source: Designed using adapted real-world materials such as memos, email, letters, news articles, information sheets, nursing updates, guidelines, policy documents, e-zines, research papers, nursing manuals and excerpts from reference books.

Questions & Marking: A total of 35 questions. One mark for each correct answer. No negative marking for incorrect answers.

The Writing Exam

Writing Exam

2 Tasks Parts/45 min.

Task 1: 5-25 words

Task 2: 200 words

Task 1: Listen to an interaction between a patient and nurse and complete a proforma or take notes.

Task 2: Listen to a monologue or dialogue between health care professionals regarding a patient's condition or status. Write an email or entry on a record keeping system, or a resume or description of one's own profile for a website in order to get a placement in a new role or to update records.

The Speaking Exam

Speaking Exam

8-9 min.

2 Parts

Part 1: Answer questions about oneself about study, work and interests.

Part 2: Interact with a Patient.

This part includes 4 questions. First the test-taker is required to read and review medical documents of a patient and then give a brief oral summary of these to the patient.

At the second stage, the test-taker should respond appropriately to the patient's questions or reactions to the summary.

Finally, the test-taker is asked to provide further guidance or clarification to the patient and bring the interaction with the patient to a close.

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