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The GETS Suite of Exams for Schools

A Suite of Exams Created for Young Learners of English

Learners: 9 - 10 years;

Classes: 4 - 5

CEFR Levels: A1 to A2

GETS Primary Test.jpg

Learners: 13 - 14 years;

Classes: 8 - 9

CEFR Levels: A2 to B2

GETS Intermediate English Test

Learners: 11 - 12 years;

Classes: 6 - 7

CEFR Levels: A2 to B1

GETS Secondary English Test

Learners: 15 - 18 years;

Classes: 10 -12

CEFR Levels: A2 to C1


GETS for Schools—Skills Assessed

.The GETS for school suits of assessments are based on the concept of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and, starting from the Primary Exam, comprise of three assessments.

3 Assessments-3.jpg

Exam Results are Mapped to the CEFR

The GETS for Schools exam results are reported in the GETS Scale of English and they are aligned to the CEFR. 

The Common European Framework of Reference—or CEFR—measures language ability in a scale of six levels, which start from A1 for beginners to C2 for native English speakers or those who have mastered the language.


The CEFR has become the industry standard for measuring language proficiency and a key resource for educational policy worldwide.


Test Report Forms

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Qualifications & Assessments International UK

Qualifications and Assessments International is the UK's private international awarding body that offers qualifications, assessments, accreditation, and certifications.

QAI works with schools, colleges, universities, industry, and government to provide high quality, flexible solutions that are relevant, fit-for-purpose and that are mapped to global standards.

QAI has developed a suite of English language exams and improvement programme. The English proficiency exams are under the QAI owned brand ‘GETS’ (Global English Testing Services).

UK NARIC independently reviewed the GETS Higher English language proficiency exam and found the scores awarded by QAI, to be comparable to CEFR. Click here to view the report.

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