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Global Award-Winning TEFL

On, Vantage is ranked #1 in all three TEFL categories—onsite, online and combined—on which these programs are assessed.

Vantage was #1 worldwide in the Top TEFL Course Provider category in the 2018 Community Choice Awards.

In the 2019 and 2020 awards, Vantage was awarded recognition    in two categories: Instruction and Value.

Breaking News: Vantage wins again during the Covid crisis in 2021.

Independently Awarded Best TEFL Course Worldwide
Winner 2019 Community Choice Awards
Vantage—2020 Global TEFL Award Winner
Vantage is Best TEFL--Instruction 2021

Thailand's TEFL Teacher Training Destination

Vantage TEFL Certification is the Bangkok training center for TEFL International—a network of 29 centers in twenty countries on five continents. TEFL International has issued 32,000+ accredited TEFL certificates since 1998. Our curriculum has been

developed by a team of specialist TEFL educators. It trains thousands of new teachers around the world every year. 


It has been independently verified by an accredited American university.


Vantage TEFL / TESOL Certification is recognized and accepted for the best teaching jobs anywhere in the world.

Reason #6 is arguably the most importantat least long-term.

Learn why TEFL training will put you ahead of the game.

American Accreditation | 3 College Credits | Internationally Recognized

Lamar University Acceditation

Our TEFL Certification course is validated through Lamar University (Texas, USA).

Lamar University recognizes the TEFL International certificate course as a three-credit undergraduate university course. An official transcript is available to each student.

Four Vantage TEFL Certification Options

The In-Class / Zoom Course

Vantage's 120-hour In-Class course lasts four weeks and has six key areas of study.

You learn both teaching theory and how to facilitate your lessons through the communicative approach to language teaching—an international standard, which is being adopted by Thailand's Ministry of Education for Thai English teachers kingdomwide.


We strongly believe in learning by doing. You will teach real students under observation for at least 6 hours in our practicum. 

Vantage was #1 worldwide as the Top TEFL Course in the Community Choice Awards by And a Winner again in 2019.

Vantage Zoom TEFL

You can now attend the In-Class Course two ways. You can do a traditional face-to-face course in a classroom. Or you attend the same course virtually in real-time via Zoom where you will fully interact with the trainers and fellow students. Learn how here.

Vantage Zoom TEFL

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The Hybrid Combined Course

Our Hybrid Combined Course gives you the best of both worlds.

Your online study of the coursebook—with full tutor support—will concentrate on teaching theory and best practices. You will then combine that with observed practice teaching sessions (the practicum) where you’ll teach non-English speaking students in a real Thai classroom.

The practicum is where your course knowledge is transformed into teaching skill set you'll need to be successful in the classroom.

Vantage’s Combined Course was ranked #1 in The 9 Best Online TEFL Courses.

The Virtual Vantage Course

Online TEFL Study + Online Live Streamed Classroom Teaching


Introducing one of the TEFL industry's first completely virtual courses—that’s 100% online.

​This is a fully accredited TEFL featuring both online training with live-streamed classes of observed teaching practices (OTPs) with real students. 

In Phase One, you'll first complete the online coursebook.


Then, in Phase Two, you'll develop your teaching skillset through real teaching sessions (the practicum) of six OTPs in a virtual classroom.

As you practice teaching online in Virtual Vantage, you’ll also become experienced in the video conferencing software and teaching techniques for the online platform, giving you a strong foundation in one of the fastest-growing segments of the teaching market.

Knowing Does Not Make You Skilled

The practicum—observed teaching practices—is where knowledge is transformed into teaching skills.


Skills are applied knowledge that can only be developed through practice. That’s why live practice teaching is essential—especially for new teachers. It's the heart and soul of a professional-class TEFL program.

Trainees teach non-English speaking students in a live classroom—a minimum of 6 class hours—each lesson on a different language topic.


You get valuable feedback from our experienced trainers after each session as your new teaching skillset begins to develop.

All Vantage TEFL programs include a practicum—delivered either online or in a traditional classroom.


We do not believe you can be properly trained as a teacher without the real experience you gain in observed teaching practices.  ​

Vantage's Practicum: where new teachers are born

"There are currently some 7,000 foreign teachers in Thai schools, another 10,000 teachers are required."

      --Thai Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan (September, 2020) 

Five Keys to Finding a Teaching Job in Thailand

Testimonials—What Vantage's Alumni Are Saying

Don't take our word. Listen to what Vantage TEFL's former students have to say.

TEFL Application | Course Fees

Book your seat in a Vantage TEFL Certification Course today. 


Vantage's In-Class Course is US$1,495. Our Combined Course is US$ 1,295.  Virtual Vantage is US$995 

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You can start Phase One of the Combined Course and Virtual Vantage--the online coursebook--anytime you are ready. 


Thai Covid Information

We get a lot of questions about what is happening in Thailand regarding the coronavirus crisis and if it's possible to travel here.


We have created our Thailand COVID-19 Crisis Information page with the most trustworthy and up-to-date links and details on how Covid is affecting Thailand—everything in one single place.

The good news is yes, it’s still possible to enter Thailand.

We have also linked the 5 step process of what you need to do to come here.

And this:

The Education Ministry plans to recruit 10,000 English teachers to improve Thai students' proficiency in the language as soon as the situation is safe to do so. He first said this in February and reiterated it again in September.

It looks like Thailand will be hiring a lot of teachers once the coronavirus crisis winds down.

Updated Covid-19 Information in Thailand

TEFL, Thailand or Covid Questions? Talk to Us!

You can email us at Or call us at +66-2-511-3516.


You can speak to Kevin, the Course Director at 088-809-7542.


Here's a map to our Training Center (and our TEFL FAQs).

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The Definitive TEFL Guide to Teaching English

Updated for 2022!

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Essential resources for Vantage TEFL trainees and graduates.


Whether you’re creating a lesson plan, choosing a class exercise/activity or formulating a job search strategy, these are your key info pages.

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