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The GETS Elementary Test

Developed by Experts for Students,Teachers & Parents

The GETS Elementary test is targeted at students of classes 2 and 3 to measure their skills and abilities 

It has been developed by specialists and subject-matter experts with over two decades of experience in the education industry.


The test reports—which supplement regular subject-specific progress reports—provide a detailed picture of a student’s abilities, equipping teachers with information regarding their students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Assessment results guide teachers towards adapting teaching methodologies to suit the needs of their classes and also to plan personalized attention and intervention.


Parents are also kept informed of their child’s achievement in each component skill enabling them to plan learning support for their wards.

The GETS Elementary Test has been designed to foster the acquisition of language needed for subject learning in academic settings.


The assessment also aims at enhancing the skills required for language-use in the real world.

Qualifications & Assessments International UK

Test Mechanics

Question Types – Stage 1

  • Listening and matching rhyming words

  • Listening & coloring the suitable object

  • Drawing Dictation

  • Composing a story using input pictures and oral instructions

Question Types – Stage 2

  • Interpreting visuals and choosing            YES / NO

  • Completing a crossword

  • Completing a word search puzzle

  • Building words by rearranging letters

  • Unjumbling words to fill in the gaps

  • Sequencing images or processes

  • Circling or underlining the odd one out

  • Multiple-choice questions

Test Components

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Assessment Stages

The assessment is divided into two stages.

Stage 1: Students are assessed basis their Aural Comprehension and Writing, also known as Composition, which are an integral part of experiential learning in the school curricula.

Stage 2: Students grapple with language—use for the real world as they apply their minds to solving questions, interpreting visuals and completing crosswords and puzzles for word building.

GETS Elementary Test Highlights:

  • Children 7 and 8

  • Classes 2 and 3

  • International certification

  • Low cost

  • On-demand test dates

  • Quick results release

  • First of its kind assessment

  • Integrally linked to ongoing classroom teaching

Testing Cognitive Skills and Creative Thinking

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For older childrenkids aged 9 to 14explore the Primary, Secondary, and Intermediate exams of the GETS for Schools suite of tests. Click the image below to learn more.

GETS for School English Proficiency Exams

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