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Global Business Speaks English


Ready or not, English is the language of global business.  


Companies are mandating English as the corporate language to facilitate global communication and performance.


Adopting English is no longer just a good idea; today it’s a must.


Can your company complete in the global marketplace?

Essential English for your Future


Vantage Connected uses Learn Social - the power of social media to learn English. 


There are 2 billion reasons why English matters.


Will you be able to speak to the tomorrow’s world?

Comprehensive Exam Preparation


Our IELTS Prep Classes are “blended” in that they combine traditional classroom teaching with online training.


Vantage offers two IELTS preparation classes.


Our IELTS A1 Life Skills Prep Class is for those applying for a settlement visa.


Our IELTS Academic Prep Class is for students who are applying for studies at the university level in an English speaking county. 

Essential English for your Career


Today it’s a “must” to know English to get ahead.


If you want to be competitive in today's global workplace, knowing English is now a “basic” skill.


Vantage Professional’s Essential English skills can get you on the road to success.

Authorised Cambridge English Exam Centre


Over 20,000 institutions use Cambridge English Exams in over 130 countries making us the largest assessement company in the world.


Learn why comprehensive four skills language assessment are the only way to measure your progress…and open up a world of possibilities.

A Head Start in Life


Picaro is the first comprehensive English course incorporating a proven world-class curriculum presented using gamification.

Give your kids the head start they need…in school…in their future work…in their life

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