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New GETS Higher Exam

The GETS Higher Proficiency Test

Accurate, Secure & Tests all Four Language Skills 

The GETS Higher Proficiency Exam assesses English language skills using contemporary settings.

GETS Higher is four separate tests that assess all four language skills—Reading, Listening, and Speaking & Writing— that can be taken together or separately as individual test modules.

Qualifications & Assessments International, UK

The comprehensive test development is backed by years of research by Qualifications and Assessments International (QAI) in the UK.


GETS Higher is secrure, accurante and affordble. It's now available in Thailand!

UK NARIC Study—CEFR Validation

UK NARIC Validates GETS Higher Exam

GETS Higher is the first English proficiency exam to be validated by UK NARIC.

They performed an independent evaluation, benchmarking the GETS Higher exam against the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).


UK NARIC is the designated United Kingdom national agency for the recognition and comparison of international qualifications.


It performs this official function on behalf of the UK Government.

UK NARIC has found the GETS Higher English language proficiency test comparable to CEFR B2 standard where a minimum score of 75/100 is achieved, CEFR B1 standard where a minimum score of 50/100 is achieved, and CEFR A2 where a minimum score of 25/100 is achieved


The Executive Summary details the UK NARIC approval, which validates GETS Higher as a secure English language exam mapped to the CEFR.

Who Should Use this Test?

  • Schools and Universities can assess the English proficiency levels of their current students, enabling the planning of suitable language development programs. The test is also useful to higher education institutions as part of their student enrolment procedures.

  • Corporate Training Companies It supports the screening of job applicants on the basis of essential English proficiency levels required for specific roles in an organization.

  • Human Resource Departments use it to check the English level of employees and they can use it to decide what level of training employees need.

GETS Higher Exam

Results are Aligned to the CEFR

The GETS Higher Exam's results are reported in the GETS Scale of English and they are aligned to the CEFR. 

You can see/download a sample Test Report Form below.

The Common European Framework of Reference—or CEFR—measures language ability in a scale of six levels, which start from A1 for beginners to C2 for native English speakers or those who have mastered the language.


The CEFR is the industry standard for measuring language proficiency and a key resource for educational policy worldwide.

CEFR--Measuring English Proficiency

GETS Higher Test Highlights:

  • Assesses all four language skills (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking)

  • Choose the full test (Listening/Reading/Writing/Speaking) or to take any one test module at a time.

  • On-demand test dates (conditions apply).

  • Quick result release (immediate to 7 business days).

  • Writing & Speaking modules marked by certified examiners.

  • Secure test administration.

  • Internet-based test or paper-based test delivery.

  • Communicative proficiency and use of English language in social, educational and workplace settings.

  • Customization possibilities for corporate organizations.. 

Click Image for Free Download

GETS Higher Test Report Form

PTT Choose GETS Higher Exam

The GETS Higher Proficiency Exam was selected to assess the English proficiency levels of YP2G candidates in Thailand..


Young People to Globalization Program or YP2G is a Human Resource development program that targets talented young PTT personnel who are trained work abroad in PTT business ventures and development projects in Asia and throughout the world.


The GETS Higher English Proficiency Exam is the first proficiency level test to be independently verified by UK NARIC—the United Kingdom national agency for the recognition and comparison of international qualifications.


YP2G is an important PTT project that has been cited by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), a world-renowned human resource development organization with more than 120 member countries from around the world

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