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IELTS Life Skills Prep Course

IELTS LIfe Skills Prep Course - Vantage Siam

What is the IELTS Life Skills Test?

IELTS Life Skills is for people who are applying for a UK Settlement Visa and need to prove their English speaking and listening skills at CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) Levels A1, A2 or B1.


What's the CEFR? You can watch the short video Understanding the CEFR to get up to speed.


IELTS Life Skills tests are available at three CEFR levels:


  • IELTS Life Skills – A1 Speaking and Listening

  • IELTS Life Skills – A2 Speaking and Listening (offered in the UK only)

  • IELTS Life Skills – B1 Speaking and Listening.


You can learn everything you need to know about this test and where to take it on their FAQ page. 

Which IELTS Life Skills to take?

IELTS A1 Life Skills Prep Class

The vast majority who apply for a UK Settlement Visa in Thailand require the A1 level Life Skills test.  Our standard scheduled Prep Course is for that test.  Vantage can also "prep" A2 and B1 level candidates and these courses are available by appointment.


A Complete Confidence Booster

Vantage has trained more than 1,000+ Settlement Visa candidates who have who have successfully passed the United Kingdom Visa and Immigration (UKVI) Settlement Visa requirements for an A1 level in Speaking and in Listening.

Our A1 Life Skills Prep Class is designed around the actual IELTS Life Skills test. 


In our full one-day, bilingual class, Cambridge-certified trainers will go over the structure for each part of the exam. It focuses solely on the language needed in order for you to answer all questions clearly and confidently.  

Bilingual Private one-on-one Course

Vantage's IELTS Life Skills Prep Course is a bilingual class. Its goal is to optimize a candidate’s performance on the Life Skills test. 

As such it will cover the overall structure of the test, types of questions asked and show an overall strategy for passing the exam.

This instruction is given primarily in Thai.


English is also used—particularly in the context of commonly asked questions and how to avoid common mistakes.​

Supervised Practice

You will also get lots of “supervised practice” on IELTS Life Skills practice materials and demo tests. You will also do two full simulated practice tests to test your speaking and listening skills.


With Vantage’s A1 Life Skills Prep Class, you will gain the confidence you need on how to successfully complete this test.

Vantage Life Skills eLearning

An important part of the Prep Class is Vantage's own online eLearning system where you can gain further valuable practice on your English listening and speaking A1 level language skills.


Anytime, anywhere you have internet access. And on any device.

We'll show you how to access it—and how to use it—during your course.  

The Vantage Guarantee

We are so confident that, after taking the A1 Life Skills Prep Class that you'll successfully pass your IELTS Life Skills test, that we will guarantee the results.


If you don't pass, you can take our Prep Class again completely free-of-charge.

100% guarantee free of charge IELTS course

About the Trainer

Ajarn Ryan is a certified Cambridge Speaking examiner for A1, A2, B1 and B2 level Cambridge exams. He's done hundreds on face-to-face speaking exams--the same kind as on Cambridge's IELTS tests.


He's also a highly experienced teacher having taught kids, university students and adult learners. He's a bilingual from his Thai mother and a 2010 graduate of Mt. Alison University in New Brunswick, Canada.


Ryan has worked with a number of 'difficult' cases--that is students who have failed their A1 Life Skills test and have subsequently come to Vantage for help.

To see other past students talk about the experience with Ryan and the IELTS A1 Life Skills Prep Course, visit Vantage TV.

Hi Ryan


I am delighted to inform you that Buarian finally passed her A1 Life Skills test thanks to your help and guidance. She had taken the exam twice previously before we came to Vantage. Your A1 Prep Course gave her the language skills, expanded her vocabulary and mainly boosted Buarian's confidence.  From now on I will recommend Vantage Siam to everyone.

Graeme Tose

Please reload

Hi Kevin,


I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to you and Ryan and everyone else who helped my wife to prepare for her test because she has passed so we have started her visa process off now already but once again thanks.


Course Fees & Schedule

Vantage's A1 IELTS Life Skills is a full one-day private Prep Class. You will also receive access to our Life Skills eLearning so you can continue to practice after your course is completed.


The course fee is THB 4,995.


We run prep courses throughout the year, contact us to make a booking. 


Need more information?

Contact Ryan directly at 087-545-8338 or email

IELTS Life Skills A1 Prep Course at Vantage Siam
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