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Vantage's In-Class TEFL Program

Vantage TEFL's In-Class Course

100% On-site TEFL Training

Accredited and Top Rated Vantage TELF courses

A Comprehensive 4 Week,120-Hour, In-Class Course

Vantage TEFL Certification’s 120-hour In-Class courses last for four weeks and are held throughout the year.


We'll teach you the foundational skill set to be successful in the classroom. This course will give you the tools to become the best teacher that you can be.


We’ll teach you how to create your lessons through the international standard of the communicative approach. We also run small class sizes so we can conduct our classes in a 'hands-on" workshop style rather than lectures. 

The In-Class Course tuition is US$1,495. 

Six Key Areas of Study:

"The Practicum" or the 

Observed Teaching Practices

This is the most practical and fundamental area of training that many consider it to be the most valuable.


You’ll teach real students and put your new-found knowledge into practice immediately, so you can see exactly how to perfect your teaching skills.


You’ll also learn from observations of your peers.  When sessions are done, verbal and written feedback is provided by the course trainer.

Language Awareness

Here we’ll cover basic grammar such as tenses, parts of speech and other language points.


We’ll teach them to you as well as show you how to teach your students through easy-to-follow lessons and     fun activities.


We'll also cover pronunciation (Phonology) through learning how to use the International Phonemic Alphabet, intonation, word and sentence stress as well as articulation.

Student Profile

In addition to the six lessons of the Observed Teaching Practice, which are teaching groups of students, each trainee will be asked to meet with and teach an individual student once.  This works on rapport building, lesson planning which addresses individual needs, as well as error analysis and correction.  


Two meetings are required for the profile culminating in the one-to-one lesson.


You will then write about your experience of teaching an individual student, comparing it with teaching groups

Teaching Techniques

  • This covers several areas:

  • Lesson planning

  • Classroom management

  • Establishing rapport

  • Discipline in the classroom

  • Managing equipment and teaching aids

  • Creating materials

  • Correction techniques

  • Evaluation and testing

  • Teaching vocabulary

  • Teaching grammar

  • Teaching receptive skills (reading and listening)

  • Teaching productive skills (speaking and writing)

  • Games in the classroom

  • Songs in the classroom

  • Teaching beginner students

  • Teaching individual students

Materials Project

Here, trainees are required to reflect on their two best sets of teaching materials that they used in their Observed Teaching Practice lessons.


The overall purpose of this is to help teachers adapt, supplement and edit published materials, helping to foster teachers’ creativity and resourcefulness. By developing your own materials, you should get a better idea of how materials can be used to model, practice and support your lessons.


You will present and discuss your teaching materials to a trainer, explaining what the rationale behind your selection of those materials, and what you have learned from their usage in the classroom.

Foreign Language Experience

So you can better understand where your students are coming from, we provide all our trainees with instruction in Thai language.


The objective is to have you sit on the other side of the desk so you can experience what its like for your students when you’re teaching them English


This is done over two lessons and you will submit a journal summarizing what you have learned.

Where Knowledge Becomes Skill

You also undergo a minimum of 6 hours of observed teaching practice.  Called “The Practicum,” you will teach real non-English speaking students in a live classroom—and get valuable feedback from our professional trainers..


The practicum is where professional teachers are born.​

The TEFL Practicum: Where knowledge becomes teaching skills!

The practicum is the heart and soul of a professional TEFL certification program and it's one of most valued parts of the course. It’s also why many schools—particular the better ones—won’t accept a TEFL without a practicum.


Learn how Vantage’s practicum works.

Grammar—A Big Worry for Many TEFL Students

We teach the “communicative approach” which deemphasizes traditional grammar and memorization as the primary technique in second language acquisition.


Yes grammar is important—and our course covers that and the equally important phonology as well. But our emphasis in the classroom is to get the students speaking through an elicited and directed technique called the ESA methodology.


On our "The Communicative Approach" webpage, we’ve put together a more detailed answer—as well as a great short video on what the ESA method is all about.

Our Partnership

Vantage TEFL Certification works closely with International TEFL and TESOL Training (iTTT) to provide TEFL and TESOL certificate courses.


iTTT has developed the accredited curriculum on which Vantage’s TEFL courses are run. We bring our award-winning training expertise, competency in the classroom, and our local market know-how.


Our hybrid Combined Course is also offered in conjunction with iTTT.

iTTT TEFL and TESOL Training

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