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TEFL Teaching Jobs 

"There are currently some 7,000 foreign teachers in Thai schools...another 10,000 teachers are required."

 -Thai Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan (February 2020) 



Comprehensive Job Services

If you are going to invest your time, money and dreams in a TEFL course to teach English abroad, receiving job services support is a critical element. Navigating job markets, interviews, and recruiters is a crucial component to make sure you land a great job teaching English.


Vantage has its own dedicated Jobs Coach. We'll work with you one-on-one in crafting your own Power Resume. We'll coach you on interviewing techniques.  And then we will tie you into our Thai and global recruitment network of the best teaching jobs.


Through our quality lifetime job assistance, Vantage alumni have landed jobs at international schools, universities and prestigious academies.



Types of English Teaching Jobs

Due to the great number of English learners worldwide—and their different individual needs—you may be surprised where qualified teachers can find jobs.


You can learn more on our Types of English Teachers page. 


Take a look at the How do I get a job teaching English in Thailand? video produced by our partner iTTT. 


We are their TEFL center in Bangkok.



The Definitive Job Lists—Where to find TEFL Jobs

Vantage has put together The Definitive Job Lists,  Here you find the names and contact info for:


  • The Top Thai 100 Public & Private Schools,

  • 170 Thai Universities,

  • Teacher Employment Agencies 

  • Private Language Schools throughout the Kingdom

  • The 64 “Satit” (Demonstration) Schools

  • Volunteer Organizations

  • Thailand Teacher Focused Facebook Groups

  • Online Teaching Recruiting

  • Our China Guaranteed Job Program.

  • …and much much more


We also list key online sites for job searching where you can post your resume for free.


There are also lists for international job searches or even region-specific boards such as Asia, Europe, Africa, China and more.

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Six seconds! That's how long many recruiters spend reviewing an individual resume.That's how long you have to make an impression.Resumes aren’t read; they’re scanned.


And when you put your resume in front of an employer, you are the product.


At Vantage TEFL, we'll sit with you one-on-one to craft your own individual Power Resume that will make an immediate impact.  


And coach you so you can interview like a pro and network resources to optimize your job search for a teaching position in Thailand and worldwide.

Guaranteed Job Support

Other TESOL course providers always tout that there’s a guaranteed job that’s waiting at the end of their course. 


What they don’t say is that these ‘for sure’ jobs are typically at mediocre schools, paying below market wages with bad working conditions and often in remote locations. That’s why there’s jobs at these schools - many other teachers have left.

If you want any teaching job, anyone can offer that.

The Best Jobs Aren't Guaranteed

In many places throughout the world, the demand for teachers is so high that making guarantees isn't really needed.  China alone needs more English teachers - some 400 million - than there are native speakers of the language.


And demand in Thailand has never been higher.


Vantage has written extensively on the global demand there is for English classes and the instructors who will teach them.

What Vantage TEFL Offers

Careers in English Teaching
  • 11 years of building relations with employers throughout Thailand

  • A client base that includes private language centersschools corporate clients.

  • Unique leads on vacancies of the best jobs advertised

  • Global database of thousands of employees worldwide

  • Lifetime guidance anywhere you live

  • Expert resume development

  • Interviewing know-how and how to approach demonstration lessons

Top Tips for Landing A TEFL Teaching Job

The person who gets the job not usually the one who can do it best. It’s the one who knows the most about how to get hired.


Here are some proven ways to increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Top Tips for Landing A Teaching Job

The Online Teacher

The Online Teacher: the first webstie specializing in quality online teaching jobs.

Online teaching is one the fastest growing teaching segments. TEFL Qualified teachers are getting $18 to $25 per hour on average.


But it’s not easy finding committed students on your own. And if you decide to go work for an ESL company, you can spend weeks researching for reputable schools.


That was until The Online Teacher.


Vantage has partnered with The Online Teacher to create the first online platform specializing in quality online teaching jobs. The Online teacher has made agreements with some of the best online language companies to make sure they pay teachers fairly, on time, and never misrepresent themselves. 


We match qualified teachers with the highest rated online ESLs with the highest pay possible.


We do the vetting. You do the teaching.


The good news is that this is completely FREE for teachers. We get paid directly by the schools. You just make your Online Teacher Profile, wait a couple of days. Then—voila—job offers will start coming in for TEFL qualified teachers.

Careers in English Teaching

Working as an English teacher for a few years could be just the beginning. And after you've acquired some significant teaching experience, you may find yourself in curriculum development and digital content creation.  You may start as a teacher, but end up in education management.  


The foundational skill set you'll develop as a teacher can lead to a world of opportunities.


The world of ELT is a dynamic and vibrant industry. Here's a look at some possible paths about where your new teaching skills could eventually take you.

Teacher Resouces—Tools for the Classroom

There are a ton of resources for English teachers online. Lesson plans, flashcards, grammar resources to name but a few. Click the link below to go to a dedicated page of some of the best ones we’ve found and used. 


Obviously, new materials and new websites are being added all the time—as well as some current ones taken off the web.  Email us at if we’ve missed something you think is particularly good or one of these links becomes broken.



Vantage's list of Teacher Resources
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