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Vantage's Job Support Resources

The Definitive TEFL Jobs Lists: Lists, lists, and more lists. A dedicated page to great TEFL English teaching jobs. 

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We have broken the job lists into market segments...schools, universities, private academies, agencies, online companies, demonstration "satit" schools and teacher-focused Facebook Groups that advertise English teaching jobs.


All employers in one place. Bookmark this page if you are active in the job market.

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Power Resumes: Power resumes are effective because, as marketing brochures, they spark an interest in a particular product—you!

Five Keys to Finding a Teaching Job in Thailand: Some pre=TEFL course advice.

The Many Kinds of English Teachers: The English teaching world may be a lot bigger than you thought.


The insatiable demand for quality language instructors has meant that it's far more than a school's classroom that will need your services. 

Teaching Methodologies

On these web pages, you can refresh your knowledge of The Communicative Approach and the Engage, Study, and Activate (ESA) teaching methodology.

TEFL Teaching Methods: The Communicative Approach and ESA methodology video. 

Is Grammar Important?;   An explanation of how grammar is used with the ESA.

The Regional English Training Centres (RETC) project: A project update of the joint British Council and the Thai Ministry of Education's initiative to introduce the Communication Approach to language teaching to Thailand's schools.

Lesson Planning Tools

Types of Study Exercies

A comprehensive list of exercises you can employ in the 'Study' phase of your lesson as well as a list of activities to use in the 'Activate' phase. 

Study Phase "Exercises:" How many types of exercises can you think of? Here’s a list of 18 different types that can be used in the Study phase of your class—along with a video that explains each one.

Activate Phase "Activities:"   This list will help you quickly choose the right type of activity to have your students speaking about your lesson’s topic and building their English fluency.

Measuring Language Proficiency—Understanding the CEFR

The CEFR lets us understand the different levels of language proficiency. We need to know understand how learners progress through the levels. We also need to use the right materials—targeted to specific English levels as we teach them.


The CEFR is not a test. Yet today almost all major tests are mapped to the CEFR.


Through the CEFR’s Can-Do Statements (see below), specific language abilities one can do at any given CEFR proficiency level are mapped. 

Understanding the CEFR

GETS Scale of English
Can Do Descriptors

Click on this document to learn what someone can "Can-Do" in terms of language proficiency      at each of the six CEFR levels.


These Can-Do Statements are available for all four language skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

The English Profile: Advanced level (and free) tools that utilize the CEFR. For example, The Cambridge Learner's Dictionary will give the meaning, part of speech, and an audio recording of the correct pronunciation.

The English Profile: CEFR Tools

​However, it will also give you the specific CEFR level—from A1 to C2—for each use of the word so you can determine the appropriate vocabulary for a specific student proficiency level.

Observed Teaching Practice (OTP)

How Vantage run their practice teaching classes

Vantage's practicum is where teaching skills are developed from the knowledge gained from the course book.


Here's an overview on how Vantage runs its OTPs and why the best schools only recognize TEFL certifications that include a minimum of 6 hours of practice teaching

Vantage's Practicum: Why new teachers are born in the classroom.

A World of TEFL Teaching Materials

A dedicated webpage for English teaching tools and resources

Vantage's Teaching Resources: Comprehensive listings of websites that feature English teaching aids and materials, resources and grammar guides..

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Planning a Career in Teaching

A TEFL Certification is your entry key to English teaching, but what are your lifelong prospects in this dynamic industry?

Careers in ELT:  For teachers who like to learn about where there teaching experience and background could lead them.

English Language Teaching (ELT) Today:  The demand for English teachers has never been higher. A look into the economics of the ELT industry and key trends where it could be going. 

The demand for English teachers has never been higher

The TEFL Budget Planner & Worldwide TEFL Salaries

TEFL Budget Planner

How much money do I need?

Our TEFL Budge Planner will help you determine your total start-up costs to get TEFL certified in Bangkok, find a job, and get your first teaching paycheck.

How far will my TEFL salary go?

Learn about average TEFL salaries and the local cost of living for a number of countries around the world.


General TEFL Links

Top Ten TEFL Myths—Busted: We’ve come across a lot of talk regarding the validly of doing a TELF. Most of the time, the reasoning comes up short when all the key factors are considered.

Key Bangkok Links

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Some great sites to get you orientated in Bangkok and to help explain why this is the most visited city in the world (at least in the pre-Covid years).

Eat Cheaply with the Bangkok Dollar Menu
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