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The Definitive TEFL Guide to Teaching English in Thailand

A Treasure Trove of Teaching Information


Updated for 2024!

Get on the highway today with "TEFL Teaching in Thailand." Tell us where to send your road map! 

The Definitive TEFL Guide Review

Vantage Siam’s "TEFL Teaching in Thailand" guide is a treasure trove of teaching information—your essential road map to a successful career teaching English overseas.


The guide book's introduction makes a strong case for why it’s worth investing in a certified TEFL training program. The next section explains basic concepts in simple, clear language and how a professional TEFL works.


The section on ‘the world of English teaching’ is factual and up to date and shows how teaching English can be a great career platform.


This comprehensive free guide also covers all the information you need to navigate Thai Immigration, living and learning in a foreign culture, and most importantly, landing your first job in Thailand.

I highly recommend reading this guide book before you make any decision about paying for any TEFL course on teaching English.

         -Terry Erle Clayton 

Terry is a psychologist, writer and educator based in Udon Thani, Thailand. Terry has been a special education teacher in Canada, an English teacher and university professor in Thailand, and a freelance commercial writer all over the world. Terry has worked with hundreds of professionals in government service, international research institutions, NGOs and the private sector. 

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