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IELTS Academic Preparation Course

A Skill-based Approach

Effective IELTS preparation needs to be skills-based.


Too often one skill can pull down a student's overall IELTS score.



Collins English for Exam Series

Each course in the Collins series has effectively isolated each skill so you can practice on your weaker areas. There’s one course book for each language skill. You can take these short courses sequentially or you can isolate a weak skill for special study.


The Collins IELTS series is perfect for lower level learners who want to develop the necessary skills to perform effectively on the IELTS Academic exam.

Don’t Let One Skill Hold You Back

Collins Reading Listening Speaking Writing for IELTS book series
Blended Learning Methodology

Vantage Blended Learning

Bended learning is the combined use of face-to-face teaching combined with online learning. You will have a certified IELTS teacher who will direct both your classroom and online course of study.



You Need Time to Practice

Vantage’s blended learning works on any device...on any platform - both offline and online.


That means you can practice outside class – anywhere and anytime – on you smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Online and Offline Learning
Learn Social Social Learning eLearning

The Power of Social

Learn Social is a unique feature of Vantage's Connect course.


It allows for "Peer Review" from your fellow students and it makes learning fun.


Click here to watch our video on how this all works.

Cambridge English Pretests

Vantage Siam is an Authorised Cambridge English Exam Centre and is certified to run IELTS pretests.


Pretesting is a vital element in Cambridge English’s examination development process. In order to ensure tests are fair and at the appropriate difficulty level, Cambridge has students around the world to take part in trials of IETLS exam material in simulated test conditions.


You can learn more about pretests and how to participate on this page.

Would you like a demonstration?

We'd by happy to show you the the effectivemenss of Collins IELTS and the power of Learn Social.


Contact us today to learn more.

Vantage Essential English Learn Social
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