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GETS Exams Accreditation

The GETS Scale of English

Aligned to the CEFR

Reported Results

The GETS Scale of English is a framework that benchmarks the achievement of an individual user across Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.


It is tied to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) levels A1 to C1.


The GETS Scale of English provides an accurate and standardized score of an individual along with a clear description of the ability of the individual by way of ‘Can-Do’ Statements.

The CEFR Scale of measuring language proficiency

The GETS Scale of English divides the CEFR into 10 levels—GETS Level 1 to GETS Level 10. The GETS Levels are developed using raw scores achieved by an individual ranging from 0 to 140.

Each GETS level provides clear ‘Can-Do’ descriptions for each language skill. The document at the bottom of this page describes the entire Can-Do Statements.

Measuring English Proficiency

Below is a measurement system to help you understand how the levels and the scores on individual GETS Exams are aligned to the CEFR.

GETS Scale of English_July 2021.jpg

UK NARIC Study—CEFR Validation

GETS Scale of English
Can Do Descriptors

Click on this document to learn about the "Can-Do" Statements for each of the 10 GETS levels--and for all four language skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing.


UK NARIC was commissioned to do an independent evaluation, benchmarking GETS Higher exam against the CEFR.


UK NARIC is the designated United Kingdom national agency for the recognition and comparison of international qualifications and skills.


It performs this official function on behalf of the UK Government.


The downloadable Executive Summary details the approval from UK NARIC, which validates GETS as a secure English language exam mapped to CEFR. 

How to Use the GETS Scale of English

The GETS Scale of English provides end-users of the test—universities, governments, immigration agencies, employers, trainers, and teachers—information in ascertaining the English proficiency level mapped against global standards.


This helps trainers, schools, and corporations establish viable language development courses.


The representation of each language skill along with a descriptor of abilities for each skill separately—at different levels—helps the receiving institutions get valuable information on specific abilities they may need to focus on.


Individual grades presented on a standardized framework help end-users define their acceptability levels and any minimum levels that they may like to define for particular purposes.

Development of The GETS English Scale

The test development is backed by three years of research by Qualifications and Assessments International (QAI) in the UK.


This included an extensive trialing, and psychometrical alignment of test-takers’ scores and performances.


This was followed by reviewing the responses of test-takers in over 8,000 test trials across 10 countries.

Qualifications and Assessmens International UK

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