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Bangkok Accommodation

Bangkok welcomes more visitors than any other city in the world and it doesn’t take long to realize why.

Bangkok Accommodation Information

Rooms, Rooms & Rooms

Bangkok is chocker block full of rooms of all classes and that includes lots of economical and reasonably nice rooms available all over the city. Places to stay in Bangkok go well beyond just hotels and guesthouses.


There are also apartments and/or condos—including many one-room flats. For these units, the low end would start at approximately THB 4,000 (US$ 115) per month with some very nice one bedroom studios in the THB 7,000 (US$215) to THB 12,000 (US$350) range.  


These studio units can be well-designed and most apartments have websites with photos of the room types and common facilities. Most air condition accommodation includes a fridge and a cable TV.


There are extra charges you should be aware of that are not usually included in the rent. You pay the utility bills—water and electric—on a per-unit basis. Water is cheap; electricity not so much. Wifi is also available for a monthly fee (THB 300 is common).


To move in, you typically pay the first month's rent and a second month, which is your refundable deposit. 

Caveat: Many apartments and condos require a minimum of a 6-month commitment. Here you pay three months rent to move in.  The first month’s rent and two months as a deposit. If you move out before the six-month lease has expired, you lose your entire deposit.  The way around this is to find a hotel, hostel, Airbnb rental or a service apartment—such as those listed on this page—that will accept shorter term stays.

RentHub, RoomFinderThailand & Airbnb 

RentHub is a new website that lists available flats, Just type in your desired area and you'll see what's available. Each listing details monthly rate and deposit fees, room and building amenities and contact info. And plenty of pictures.


A‌i‌r‌b‌n‌b‌ is a global company that operates an online marketplace and hospitality service. There are many condos in our neighborhood so some private owners are offering their units through Airbnb as they seek renters for stays at their private residences.

Roomfinderthailand has big lists of Bangkok Condominiums for ALL budgets—check out their Quick Property Search by MRT & BTS train lines.


You can type in "Ratchayothin" or  "Sena" to search for rooms in Vantage TEFL's neighborhood. 

The extension of the BTS Skytrain to our area in 2019 has resulted in the construction of many new condominiums. Some Thais buy condos as an investment and then rent them out. All this new supply, combined with a big downturn in arrivals due to the coronavirus crisis, has meant that there are some good deals to be had—particularly for monthly stays. Moreover, as Vantage now sits on the original Skytrain line, it opens up a lot of Bangkok for accommodation that’s easily accessible by train to our training center.

Recommendations—Within a Country Mile

Each of our recommendations is within walking distance of Vantage's training center and they don't have the typical six-month commitment. Here you would pay two months rent to get the keys, with the second month being your deposit. Your deposit is refundable (minus a small cleaning fee) when you check out.

Poonchock Mansions (Budget Option)

Poonchock Mansions (opposite the Elephant building) operates as a service apartment so it has monthly rentals available. Very reasonable rooms starting at THB 6,500 per month (for Vantage TEFL trainees). Very good location...400 meters from the BTS trains that open up most of Bangkok. This place this place is on a soi—so it's quiet—yet walkable from the main road.  The rooms and common facilities are kept very clean. All the basics are provided so it should have most everything you need. Vantage TEFL candidates enjoy special discounted prices.


There's a downloadable Info Pack just below with complete details.

Sample rooms at Bangkok’s Poonchock Mansions
A list of facilities at the Poonchock Mansions Service Apartments
162 rooms in Poonchock Mansions - Bangkok

Tuscany Avenue (Boutique Class Option)

Built in 2008, this is a service apartment that’s been decorated in a rural Italian style. It’s four floors and each room is unique with a slightly different design. It’s about a mile away from Vantage’s training center. There are different types of units such as the Poco Studio (little type), the Mezzo Studio (medium type) or the biggest unit, a Duplex Room that has a double floor level with a space that separates the bedroom, living room, bathroom, pantry, and balcony.


Monthly room rates range from THB 8,000 (Studio S), 9,000 baht (Studio M) to THB 11,000 (Corner). More details about the room types with photos can be found on their website. A 5,000 baht deposit is required.

We inspected the place and found the overall ambiance quiet and delightful. They’ve attempted to create a rural Tuscan feel and to a large extent, they’ve succeeded. The THB 8,000 baht unit is a bit small with only a single bed. However, for THB 9,000 (US$ 275), you get a double bed in a decent-sized room. All rooms have a balcony.

The immediate neighborhood is pretty quiet with a nearby large roundabout that serves as a small park. A private gym is also nearby. They also have the Café de Tuscany where you can eat Thai and western cuisine or order to your room.

The monthly rates include bed sheets. WiFi is also available. Electric and water will be charged separately as is normal in Thailand. The pictures on their website should give you a pretty good feel for the place.

Tuscany can be contacted at or at +66-82-360-6922

Finally, very unusual for Thai service apartments, Tuscany Avenue allows pets (see FAQ #6 on their website).


The Tuscany Service Apartments-Bangkok
The Tuscany Service Apartments-Bangkok
The Tuscany Service Apartments-Bangkok
The Tuscany Service Apartments-Bangkok
The Tuscany Service Apartments-Bangkok
The Tuscany Service Apartments-Bangkok
The Tuscany Service Apartments-Bangkok
The Tuscany Service Apartments-Bangkok

The Luxury Side

Bangkok has no shortage of world-class accommodation. So if you're looking for something more luxurious—something with at least three to five stars—start with this page.

Bangkok's Trains

Dramatic Train.png

​The extension of the BTS “Skytrain” system has brought mass transit to our neighborhood!

The nearest BTS “Skytrain” Station is Ratchayothin Station only 300 meters—a five-minute walk or so—from our Training Center. (Take Exit #3.)

For Tuscany Avenue and Poonchock Mansions, they are located close to Phaholyothni 24—one station before Ratchayothin.

The nearest MRT “Underground” Station is Phaholyothin MRT Station (2.4 kms away). You can connect to the BTS there and ride 2 more stations/stops until Ratchayothin.

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