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100% Online Accredited TEFL Training with Social Distancing

In response to the coronavirus crisis, Vantage TEFL Certification has partnered with iTTT (International TEFL and TESOL Training)—the industry leader in online TEFL training—to provide a unique virtual TEFL certification course. 

Virtual Vantage is 150-hour accredited TEFL course. It offers the flexibility of online training combined with live streaming classes of observed teaching practices (OTPs) with real students. 


In Phase One, you'll successfully complete the coursebook online first. This typically takes from 3 weeks to 3 months, depending on your pace. 

Then, in Phase Two, you'll schedule real practice teaching in an online classroom where you'll develop your teaching professional skill set through six OTPs.


Vantage is ranked #1 in’s The 9 Best Online TEFL Courses.  


Virtual Vantage is affordable. Our tuition is only US$995.

Phase One: The Online Coursebook

You'll first do the online course book at your pace and your place—you can start Virtual Vantage anytime the works with your schedule.

Online Course &  Live Practicum

Course Outline

The online course consists of 20 units followed by a summative task. You’ll take a quiz after each unit before moving on to the next section. The course comes with full tutor support.


You’ll have six months to work through the entire course at a pace the suits your requirements. 

How much time will you need? Many people take one to three months, but the online coursebook can be completed in some fifteen to twenty days if you can work at it full time.

You can download the course outline by clicking the image on the left.


You need to complete the online coursebook portion of the course first. Then you're ready to schedule your online OTPs under our direction.

The online coursebook is divided into two main areas—teaching techniques and language awareness.


The teaching component provides details on the methodologies and techniques required by teachers in the classroom while the language awareness component gives a solid foundation course in English grammar and pronunciation.

Phase Two: Virtual Online Classroom

This part of the Online Combined Course is where you will do the practicumobserved teaching practices. 


This is where you'll put the theory you've learned online into practicewhere knowledge is transformed into skills. 

You’ll teach real students in streamed online classes where you will be live. You'll put your new knowledge from the coursebook into practice. 


After each session is completed, valuable feedback is provided by the course trainers.

What's unique is that you'll be in a virtual online classroom.


You are with your students and an experienced teacher and Vantage observer who give you valuable feedback after each practice class.

Learning to Teach Online

As you teach online in Virtual Vantage, you’ll also become experienced in video conferencing software and the techniques for the online platform, giving you a strong foundation in one of the fastest-growing segments of the teaching market.


Our Online vs. Classroom Teaching video will give you a quick overview of some of the key differences—and similarities—between classroom and internet-based teaching.


The method and techniques you will learn in Virtual Vantage will give you the teaching skill set you’ll need to be successful—whether your teaching platform is online or in a traditional classroom.

How is Virtual Vantage Different from our Combined Course?

Both the Virtual Vantage and the Combined Course use the same online coursebook20 units and a summative task. You'll do the coursebook online in both courses. And they are both fully accredited TEFL courses.

After you complete the coursebook, in Phase Two, you’ll do your observed teaching practices (the practicum).


In the Virtual Vantage course, you’ll do the practicum completely online where the TEFL trainee, the students, and the Vantage observer are in the same virtual classroom.

Virtual Vantage's classroom is online. Hence, there is no need to travel to Thailand to complete your practicum—saving you transportation and accommodation costs.

In the Combined Course, you'd join our In-Class practicum and you teach in non-English speaking students in a real Thai school. You obviously have to be in Bangkok to do this. 

When do Virtual Vantage Classes Run?

Virtual Vantage runs online practicums almost every week starting with a Sunday orientation and then Monday to Friday—from 14:00 to 18:00 (Thailand time)​. 


On the Sunday before the first day, we will start with a teaching practicum orientation at 15:00 to ensure that everyone can log-in correctly and to give a brief overview of the course.


All times above are Thailand times. Please make adjustments to your time zone. 


Remember, you need to complete the Phase One coursebook first!  You can decide when you wish to do your online practicum at a later date.

It's Easy to Zoom

Virtual Vantage utilizes Zoom.  This leading video conferencing software can be used by nearly every type of device and almost any browser platform.


Here’s Zoom’s list of their technical requirements.  Zoom has apps for both the Apple and Android mobile platforms. 


You will need a computer or device with a webcam and microphone to participate in a Zoom session.


Many teachers use PowerPoint or other software in their online classes.  This may be awkward in a small mobile device. A larger screen tablet—or ideally a laptop or desktop computer—may work better for teaching.


Download Vantage’s Zoom Participant’s Guide for even more details.


Apply Now!

The demand for certified English teachers has never been greater. That's increasing true for online teachers as well. Get TEFL certified in the comfort and safety of your home today!

​You can begin Virtual Vantage anytime you wish. Step 1 is to complete the 20 unit coursebook which you will do individually. 


You need to apply below and then make your deposit to gain access to this first part of the course.​

Step 2 is to do your streamed online OTPs or practicum. Your second and final payment is due at that time.

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