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Gain Valuable Teaching Experience—Now 

Many employers prefer their job applicants to have some form of previous experience of teaching in a classroom as well as a certificate of teaching knowledge.

One convenient way for first time teachers to obtain this is to take a TEFL course that includes Observed Teaching Practice (OTP) as part of the syllabus. With our In-Class Course, this meant attending a training center for one month..

However, now with our new Zoom TEFL Certification Course with teaching practice, you can participate in all training sessions for the teaching knowledge component and teach real English language students entirely online from wherever you are—all via Zoom video conferencing.


By completing your six hours of OTP before applying for English language teaching jobs, you will ensure you are ready to step into your own classroom—whether a brick and mortar school or on an online platform—with confidence in your ability to plan and deliver the quality of lessons that your students deserve.  


At the same time, you will greatly enhance your appeal to many international employers.

Vantage’s Zoom course is the online virtual’ extension to our award-winning In-Class Course as it contains the same six course components of study. And it runs on the same schedule.

Your ‘classmates’ will be either in the physical classroom with the teacher or, like yourself, joining the course online from some area of the world. You will interact with your trainer—and your fellow classmates wherever they are.

All you need to complete this course and gain this certification is an internet-connected device that has a webcam and microphone.

Vantage's In-Class TEFL Program

A Comprehensive 4 Week, TEFL Course with Practicum

Vantage's Zoom Course tuition is US$1,495. But now you can take US$300 off in our Covid Promotion.

Six Key Areas of Study:

Vantage Zoom TEFL follow the same curriculum as our award-winning In-Class Course. You are joining the gold standard of TEFL training in much the same way as you would participate in an online webinar.


You can learn more about these six key areas of study in detail. 

Looking Under the Hood

Let's look as some examples of actual teaching and teaching practice videos.

Here’s a short Zoom session that we used in the Teaching Methodologies unit to showcase the different types of exercises that can be done in the Study phase.


Once TEFL trainee is in the classroom with Vantage's trainer.  The other trainee joins us from California.

Here is a video called the "Observation of an Experienced Teacher." All our trainees participate in a number of these sessions.


Then you will get your turn at the plate, as you begin your six OTPs.

Where Knowledge Becomes Skill

You also undergo a minimum of 6 hours of observed teaching practice.  Called “The Practicum,” you will teach real non-English speaking students in a live virtual classroom—and get valuable feedback from our professional trainers.


The practicum is where professional teachers are born.​

The practicum is the heart and soul of a professional TEFL certification program and it's one of most valued parts of the course. It’s also why many schools—particular the better ones—won’t accept a TEFL without a practicum.


Learn how Vantage’s practicum works.

Zoom teacher TEFL training

Get Started Today!

To move forward, take a look at our course schedule and fees. When your ready, you can make a free application to the Vantage Zoom TEFL program.

Apply to Vantage TEFL Certification Now
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