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Vantage Points TEFL Testimonials

Don't take our word. Listen to what Vantage alumni have to say.

New teachers are born in the classroom. There’s no substitute for real teaching practices—observed and commented by an experienced professional instructor—to become the best teacher they can be. 


Take a look at our TEFL students doing their “practicum.”



An Experienced Teacher Takes TEFL


There are many strengths to Vantage’s TEFL certification program: the professionalism and the knowledge of the instructors and the genuine interest they take in the development of the competency and abilities of their trainees.


I’ve taught for 15 years at home and abroad, and a TEFL certification was something I wanted to add to my repertoire—not just for the qualification, but also to get up-to-speed on how digital technologies and new teaching methodologies are impacting second language acquisition.


I would recommend Vantage’s program without reservation to any prospective teacher or even an experienced teacher who want to update outdated skills.



A voice coach turns to teaching


I am a Training Team Manager for a company in India and I found the course absolutely fantastic and truly worthwhile.


I'm extremely proud to say that I was trained by the best. These are not just world-class trainers but mentors for life.


I've had an amazing experience with Vantage TEFL.


I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who has a passion for teaching.

James in TEFL practice teaching



A band roadie turn English teacher


I was interested in doing a CELTA course, but I chose the Vantage TEFL program in the end as I have an interest in teaching kids and CELTA focuses its training exclusively on adults. 


I also wanted a global recognition, and the American accreditation of Vantage was an important consideration.


The course was great. The students were really fun to teach.   I think I learned as much about Thai culture as they did English!

James in TEFL practice teaching



The Birth of a Teacher


I didn’t think I was good at speaking in front of people and I’m generally quite a reserved and shy person. I thought these aspects of my personality would cause me a lot of difficulty in the classroom, but this course gave me the skills I needed to confidently teach a lesson.


It showed me that language teaching is more about motivating students to speak, and not about delivering a lecture or presentation.


Chris taught me how to structure, plan, and execute lessons and how to keep the interest of a class. Kevin helped me navigate the job market and write my “Power Resume.”  I was so busy doing lesson plans that we did that the week after the course had ended.

James in TEFL practice teaching



A non-native speaker tackles English teaching


Throughout the lessons and with the aid of all the course materials in Vantage’s curriculum, I had the chance not just to study and learn but to improve my teaching skills through planned practice and expert feedback.


We had 6 hours of observed teaching in an accredited college—real non-English speaking students—that made a huge difference in knowing what to do and what to avoid. For me, this real live classroom experience was the key ingredient in learning how to teach.



A native speaker relearns English


I would recommend Vantage without hesitation. There’s no doubt I got a world-class teaching training program in an amazing location.


I got excellent help on the job front.  The had a separate trainer--a guy who’s work as an English teach, an oilman and a banker--who showed us how to make a strong impact within seconds. 


He even worked with me one-on-one as we crafted up my individual resume. I’m not sure how much that service would have cost me back home!​

I found work pretty quickly. My Vantage TEFL Certification bumped my pay up so that it will pay for the entire course within one year.


Sri Lanka

Bringing "magic" to English teaching

Nothing about the course was easy. It was a lot of work. Throughout the entire course, I was taken out of my comfort zone, but the bottom line is I now have the skill set to successfully teach. I’m now 100% confident that I can walk into a classroom anywhere and teach anyone English.


Vantage gave me a lot of individual support outside the classroom. I even got a one-to-one resume writing session! These guys want you to succeed and become a teacher who can make a difference in their students’ lives.

Matthew teaching his TEFL practicum


South Africa

Shy at the start…


I was very shy to get up in front of a class and present what I thought I had give: a speech.


I soon discovered that what I had to do was deliver a class and that good teachers don’t’ just lecture.


I learned that if I put my focus on my students, then I didn’t need to be an  extravert.


So my problem was one of confidence.

A great TEFL Training in Thailand experience



Building a teaching foundation


I wanted to learn as much as I could about being a teacher as I plan to open my own academy in South Korea in about a year.


I got tons of theory and lot of hands-on practice on how to be successful in the classroom.  


All with great observed feedback along the way. I thought I got better each time I taught.


Matthew teaching his TEFL practicum



Everything I asked for…


I got a ton of help the moment I contacted Vantage. I was on a super tight budget and needed accommodation even more basic than what they recommended. I went out with their Thai staff and found something close by their training center that fit my financial means.


While the class itself was superb. their job services was also excellent. I got one-to-one help in creating what Vantage calls a “Power Resume.” Then networking with Vantage alumni, I got my first job interview the Monday following Friday’s graduation. 


Matthew teaching his TEFL practicum



The Value of the Practicum


I did Vantage’s “Combined Class.” The first half my class was

completed online back in the States. I then came out to Thailand to do my observed teaching practices—what Vantage calls the ‘practicum’—in front of Thai students.


Overall, while the online course by itself was good for teaching theory and methodologies, it can’t prepare you to really stand up in front of a class.


The confidence I now have comes from teaching real students under Vantage’s guidance. I’m very glad I did not take an ‘online only’ class as I was once considering.




A Volunteer Turns Pro


I first tried teaching through a volunteer program. I was given no formal training.  But I discovered I loved teaching and I knew that if I wanted to become a professional teacher that I would need training.


The course guides you through the maze step-by-step. I improve significantly with every new lesson I taught.


I was even job coached!  After sending out my new Vantage-style Power Resume, I was literally contacted by every single school.


There many other great things about Vantage TEFL, but if you're serious about becoming a professional teacher, take your TEFL here.



Changing career paths


I got to work one-on-one with their Jobs Coach in developing a power resume that would showcase what I could bring to the table. They even developed a video highlighting the advantages of my multi-lingual background and how that could be a benefit to my future students.


Something must have worked. During the last week of the course, one school asked me to come in based on the “strength of my materials.” And I was talking to multiple schools...


I would recommend Vantage to anyone – particularly those who want to change career paths.



Using art to teach English


I was dead right about getting individual attention.


The week after the course was over, I came in and spent a whole afternoon, crafting a killer resume with their help. It was a one-on-one private session that I probably couldn’t have gotten elsewhere.


Kevin really analyzed my background to help me best position myself by highlighting my skills and previous results and not just a laundry list of traditional duties that most resumes list. My decision to choose Vantage has proved itself over and over again.



Non-native speaker lands two job offers

I found Vantage’s TEFL Certification course to be a key ingredient in terms of my overall teaching development.


The training – particularly what I got through Vantage’s observed teaching practices was invaluable.


I don’t think I could have “faced the kids” if I hadn’t already got the foundation skill set at Vantage. 

A successful English class



A luxury property developer to volunteer teacher


I had never stood in front of a class in my life and I was not really a confident “public speaker.”  At the point of my first peer teachings, I really thought I couldn’t do it.


But then the methodology and grammar review that was built into our own lesson planning, turned into a first “real” lesson given to the Thai students. This was one of the most beautiful days of my life!


The stage fright was soon forgotten, the lesson went smoothly...and my new job was born.



Expanding teaching skills


I was a bit different than my fellow TEFL trainees as I currently teach kindergarten in Myanmar.


I gained a great deal from Vantage’s TEFL as I have learned a lot about the techniques in teaching a second language. This course has made me a complete teacher.                               

The feedback we got from the trainers from our teaching practices was always focused on how we could be better in our next observed session. They had a way of presenting weakness as challenges and I could see how both I and the other trainees got a lot better as the practicum went on. This was for me the most important part of the class.

Saliha directs her TEFL class



The TEFL experience was excellent.


The teaching practices gave me a completely different outlook on how to teach people from a different culture with different learning backgrounds and different language proficiency levels.


The sessions we did about language proficiency were eye opening. This was something I really hadn’t considered before.  We learned how to ascertain the language proficiency level of an individual student and then create lesson plans that were tailored for the English level of that individual student. 


I would definitely recommend this TEFL training to anyone who has the passion for teaching



…from a Combined Course student


I did the Combined online and, from Vantage, the classroom package. It was an amazing experience. The online section of the course allowed me to learn at my own pace and worked full time.

However, the online course alone didn’t make me feel that I was ready to teach. Vantage invited me to join the current In-Class course o participate in the peer teaching activities. 


Peer teaching was a very helpful tool in boosting my confidence before the practicum. After several peer teaching runs, I felt much better and was confident to be in front of a class.


I feel I am a better teacher now than before I started the course. The certificate is worth every penny spent.

Matthew teaching his TEFL practicum



An experienced teacher


We did our observed practices at Thailand’s oldest nursing college. with some 15 students in our classes. The lesson planning training was invaluable.


Our trainers presented weaknesses as challenges for the next class. I saw how both I and the other trainees got a lot better as the practicum went on. 


This was by far the most important part of the class. 

Matthew teaching his TEFL practicum



The heart and soul…


For me, the most important part of the course were the observed teaching practices. 


I was given a lot of feedback and advice every time I taught. This was crucial in the development of my teaching skills. I was surprised that I did as well as I did in the first couple of classes


I was presented with a new challenge for my upcoming class. I wasn't just me just me, but. I could see how my fellow trainees got better each day as well .



My personal 'vantage points'


Before the course, I had a long list of personal concerns that I seriously thought would hold me back—some of which I thought were insurmountable. I thought I was too young, I thought I wasn't boisterous enough, wasn't qualified enough, the list goes on. Yet Vantage dealt with every one of my concerns in ways that I would have never thought of.


Vantage seemingly never takes a black or white approach to anything. They are able to view a circumstance from a different perspective—a different "vantage" point—allowing them to transform the disadvantage into an advantage. Whatever "concern" you are allowing to hold you back, it may not actually be as justified as you believed it to be. 

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