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New Teachers are Born 

Observed Teaching Practice (OTP) is the heart and soul of a professional teaching program. It’s where teaching skills are developed from the knowledge gained in the course book. You can only develop skills from practice and our trainees typically "practice' teaching a diverse range of students as they develop the foundations teaching skill set to teacher anyone anywhere. 

Do you want to know what we look for in a teacher’s classroom performance? The feedback sheet below is what Vantage observers complete for each teaching session.

We are not looking for perfection—particularly in the first OTPs. What we are looking to do is to discover existing strengths and identify areas that need work. These are areas we can build on as our trainees typically get better with each practice session.

This is an actual example from the first OTP of a beginning trainee.


As typical of almost all of our trainees, there’s a dramatic improvement over their six OTPs. They’re ready to walk into any classroom or online platform after their observed practice teaching sessions are completed.

OTP Candidate Lesson Feedback Sheet

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