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A key part of the Power Resume is the Summary—the section right under the name and address. It’s formatted and designed to capture the hiring authority's attention and interest within 6 to 10 seconds.

The traditional resume format is to lead off with an objective. But that states what you want—not what the employer needs. That’s a problem because your objectives or aspirations are only of interest to the hiring authority to the extent they correspond with what they’re looking for.

People buy what they want and need—not to help the seller. Remember that you are the product when you put your credentials in front of someone who can offer you a job.

Summaries work better than objectives because they emphasize what you offer, not what you want. Focused summaries describe what you did…the skill set you used...the results you obtained. It gets an employer's immediate attention by focusing on their needs.

You can read the whole rationale of what puts power in a resume on this page.

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Power Resume Page Two

This section is a continuation of the "Experience" section and concludes with the "Bio-data."  


A key component of Power Resumes in this ‘Experience’ section, is the ‘gravitas statement.


What’s that? Well organization’s names are brands. They matter. Use them. Names carry clout the same way numbers do.


Like gravity, these statements gives weight to all your subsequent experience. Working as a program manager at McFly’s Software Heaven is not the same as doing the same level job at Microsoft.


If where you worked before is relatively unknown, you can use an organization’s website, Facebook page or Wikipedia entry to create a great one-line description of who they are.

Vantage specializes in taking candidates with no specific job or industry experience and repositioning them as viable candidates. We’re particularly effective in repositioning non-native speakers into dynamic English teacher candidates

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