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Vantage TEFL Certification

Teaching In Thailand

In his definitive book on teaching in Thailand, author Davis Pisarich thoroughly researches Thai-based TEFL programs. His review on Vantage TEFL is posted below.

With this book under your belt you’ll learn:

  • How to choose a school that’s right for you

  • How to find a legitimate job quickly

  • How to interact with Thai students, staff, and administration, as well as foreign staff

  • How to manage a Thai classroom 

  • What you MUST know from a TEFL course 

  • Tons of new games and activities to use in your successful Thai classroom 

  • How to see through the eyes of your Thai students to best help them learn 

  • How to make effective lesson plans, worksheets, and tests 

  • How to simplify difficult teaching topics 

  • How to teach speaking, listening, reading, and writing to any type of student 

  • How to teach English in a fun and confident way.

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Teaching in Thailand—A Practical System—Vantage TEFL Reviewed

Vantage TELF Certification Reviewed

Here’s Teaching in Thailand’s full bookreview on Vantage TEFL Certification:

Vantage TEFL— #1 in Bangkok


By far the best TEFL course option in Bangkok, Vantage TEFL Certification is an American accredited, 120-hour, In-Class course with a minimum of 6 hours of observed teaching practice.


Their graduates earn three master's level college credits from Fairmont State University in West Virginia, USA.  (They also offer a 120-hour Combined Course, which blends online study with live classroom teaching.)


Vantage's TEFL curriculum has also been validated by the European Global School—Paris. Completion of their TEFL course can now be used to waive 25% of the credits towards a Master of Education. These really are fantastic bargains considering the price of a master's degree and they allow you to hit two birds with one stone if you plan on continuing down the TEFL career path.


Vantage's TEFL program employs three specialist trainers. The lead trainer will cover six key areas of teaching methodology and techniques that will give you the foundational skill set to be successful in the classroom.


Their jobs coach will sit with you one-on-one developing an individual 'Power Resume' and job search strategy and train you on interviewing techniques.


Finally, trainees do a foreign language component in Thai by a bilingual trainer who is also certified for Cambridge speaking exams.


Vantage also has a lot of experience in developing customized courses and bespoke curriculums. Over the last decade, they've incorporated digital technologies into their eLearning and interactive exercises for their clients. They've included key technological developments into their TEFL course and their students will be introduced to new practices like Learning Management Systems (LMS) and other key components of 21st century language teaching

Independently Award Best TEFL Course
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