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Strong global demand

The need for English teachers has never been greater. Today there are more people learning English, than people who speak English as a first language.


Yet only 15% percent have access for formal teaching. Increasingly, more and more people are turning to the internet to get the training they need.


By 2020, 5 billion people—of planet earth’s 7.5 population—will have internet access.

That’s where you come in

People all over the world need to speak English more fluently in order to capitalize on global opportunities.


Many are increasingly turning to the internet—particularly in remote areas—to get the instruction they need.


By using an internet platform—instead of a classroom—we’re going to let you teach from anywhere.

The demand for English teachers has never been greater!

This is where we come in

There are hundreds of online schools out there.


The Online Teacher matches teachers with the best online schools. We have selected the top 20% of companies based on their overall professionalism, pay, and teacher turnover rate.


Vantage has partnered with The Online Teacher to create the first online platform specializing in quality online teaching jobs


Teaching positions that pay between US$ 15 to 25 dollars per hour.


We've already identified the best online schools. We’re now looking for good teachers.

How it all works

Create your Free Online Teacher Profile
The Online Teacher's Job Offers
Choose the Best Online Teaching Job Offer

It’s a simple, three-step process:


Sign up today and then make your Online Teacher Profile. This is completely Free.  Here you can put all your application materials in one central place so you never have to double your efforts again. 


Wait for job offers. The Online Teacher’s job placement team to work matching you with the highest paying positions we can find. Your first job offer should come within one weektypically much sooner. If you don’t like the company you have been paired with, then you can simply reject the job offer and we will automatically pair you with a second choice. This process will repeat until you find a job that you accept and all your free teaching hours are occupied.


Select the best offer. We have signed contracts with the best online companies. They have agreed that they will be honest, fair and organized employers. If we receive negative feedback from our teachers, we will investigate, and if the issue is warranted, the school will lose the right to recruit with us.  That's how The Online Teacher is separating the best from the rest.

Make your Free Online English Profile!

The best companies

How do we attract the best companies? The Online Teaching Company's ultimate tool for sourcing the best and most professional teachers is their direct personal relationship with their client companies and schools.


  • Professional teachers trust The Online Teacher because we vet all our partner schools.


  • Reputable schools and language companies trust The Online Teacher because we have direct relationships with our clients to both answers their immediate teaching requirements and source them quality instructors.


  • We don't use algorithms or automatic procedures to pair teacher with our partner companies. We have dedicated Teacher Matching Experts to review each Online Teaching portfolio to match a teacher's qualifications and stated preferences with an individual company's teaching requirements.


  • The Online Teacher is very motivated to help teachers. We only get paid if you get a teaching job. 


Making your Online Teacher Profile


Your personal Online Teacher Profile is FREE and, if everything is ready, should take no more than 15 minutes. If you need help with resume preparation or TEFL certification, Vantage can assist you. 


To get you the best online teaching job we need the following:

1) Resume or CV
2) Basic information
3) Profile picture
4) Self-recorded interview
5) Your weekly free teaching times


Sign up and create your Online Teacher Profile here.

Are you ready?

Put some power in your resume

Applying for an online job is, in some ways, not much different than applying for a job on the street.  The best-qualified candidates still get the best jobs.


One of the key ways candidates are initially judged—online and offline—is through their resume.


Is your resume the best it can be? 


You may wish to have look at Vantage’s Power Resume page to see how yours measures up.


Are you TEFL certified?  Being a native or proficient speaker is often not enough. The best schools look for teachers that have been specifically trained in how to teach a language.


Vantage offers both Online and In-Class TEFL Certification programs.

Incredibly professional and efficient. This is a service I feel I can trust to have my interests at their very core. When I first signed up to make my profile, I had a little difficulty navigating the website, but the support team were really helpful and talked me through the process! 

Marnie Thompson reviewed The Online Teacher — 5 stars, 28 June 2017

Create your FREE Online Teacher Profile today!

Getting started as an online teacher
FAQs for teaching English online
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