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The Course: Vantage's Connect

Connect is our comprehensive General English online course that ranges from beginning to advanced language proficiency levels. Connect has six levels that span the A1 to C2 CEFR levels  - designed to teach beginners to advanced learners of English. 


Each level contains 20 units, which practice all four language skills of listening, speaking, reading & writing. Connect also teaches grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.


All six levels each contain 100 hours study. The course features Progress Tests after every five units and a Level Test at the end of each level.


The Connect General English course provides a ready-made and cost-effective English language syllabus, which can be used as the foundation of your institution’s English program or as a supplement to existing programs.


Connect can be done anywhere and anytime. Connect also works on any device - a computer, tablet or smartphone - and on any platform.

Each of the 6 levels has an accompanying Teacher’s Guide, which provides a guide to the learning points covered in each unit and gives ideas on how to introduce the topics and extend activities. Teachers can track student activity online and provide feedback and scores for online social speaking and writing activities.


Each unit has a broad, engaging theme with elements of personalization. This motivates learners by providing them with interesting topics which are meaningful to them, allowing learners to apply the language they have learned to their own personal contexts.


  • Unit Goals
    sets the unit objectives and lets learners know what they will be studying.

  • Vocabulary
    presents and practices a thematic lexical set that learners need for the unit

  • Dialogue
    shows the unit’s lexis in use and presents a grammar point in context.

  • Pronunciation
    focuses on a key aspect of English pronunciation featured in the dialogue.

  • Grammar
    covers the unit’s grammar point in detail through presentation and controlled graded practice.

  • Reading and Listening
    expand on the unit’s theme and give learners long and short pieces of text and audio in which to see the grammar and vocabulary in context.

  • Speaking and Writing
    encourage personalized, freer production of the language covered in the unit.

Teacher’s Guides

For each level, there is an accompanying Teacher’s Guide, which provides a guide to the learning points covered in each unit and gives ideas on how to introduce the topics and extend activities.

Each Teacher’s Guide contains full step-by-step lesson plans and photocopiable worksheets for use in class by teachers who want to use Connected in a blended-learning model.

Every Online and Student Book activity is mapped and extended in the Teacher’s Guide. They also contain worksheets available for use as homework & practice.

Sample unit chapters from the Teacher’s Guides are available for download below.

Student Books or eBooks

Connect is also available as a Student Book or as a pdf eBook for those who want a pure digitial experinece,

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