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Computer-Adaptive Testing – The Future of Testing

The Future of Testing: Computer-Adaptive Testing (CAT)

Computer-Adaptive Testing

Computerized Adaptive Testing is a modern assessment method that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to personalize the test for every individual test taker.
This means that the test becomes shorter, more accurate, more secure, and fairer. 

The AI algorithms are based on 
item response theory (IRT), an application of machine learning to student assessment.

Comparing CAT to traditional 'fixed' tests 

Traditional or "linear" tests categorize questions into different levels of complexity. 


For example, if you were testing for English language proficiency, you would use the six levels of the CEFR. You would put more questions or weigh your test toward the middle or intermediate levels and put fewer questions at the extreme ends, i.e. the beginning and advance levels.


Exam made under this traditional method needs lots of questions. One major English proficiency test asks 200 questions in an exam that lasts 150 minutes!

CAT test cost less 

The testing organization benefits from the time savings as the cost of candidate seat time is substantially reduced. That means that they can also run more tests in the same amount of time.

A Test Bank of Questions

CAT have large item of question banks. 

Typically they will have 30 to 40 times the questions needed to administer one exam.  The GETS Placement Test, for example, has over 2,000 questions in its test bank that asks 52 questions

Large test banks also reduce the risk of test item (question) exposure.

Greater Security.

Large test banks also reduce the risk of test item (question) exposure.


After the first couple of introductory questions, candidates taking the exam at the same time are asked different questions as the exam begins for focus on their individual levels.


It makes cheating that more difficult as it’s impossible to predict which questions will be a given to each individual candidate.


The GETS Higher Exam

GETS Higher E.jpg

The GETS Placement Test

GETS English CAT Exams

Both the GETS Placement and the GETS Higher exams incorporate computer-adaptive methodologies.


GETS Higher is a proficiency level exam of General English. It has four separate tests that assess Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.

The GETS Placement Test is a test a very affordable test that's both accurate and secure.

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