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The Workshop ends, but the learning continues...

Have you had a workshop and then thought, “That was good, but how much will participants remember after a month?” With a traditional workshop approach, the answer just might be: “Not much.”


At Vantage, we understand that a key factor in retaining new learning is having multiple opportunities to practice and apply the learning over a period of time.


Workshops are designed to present a lot of content in a short time, which means participants usually get only one chance to learn and practice each new concept.


Sometimes that’s just not enough to make it stick.


That’s why Vantage has developed our innovative solution to extend the learning beyond the training room, something we call the Vantage PLUS Workshop Series.

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The Vantage PLUS Workshops Series

At Vantage we firmly believe that technology has the power to transform learning in many ways.

One of the ways technology can add value to your training program is by extending the learning beyond the classroom.

Vantage PLUS Workshops use web-based technology to extend and enhance the learning process before, during and after the workshop. 

How It Works

Before the workshop. Vantage invites Workshops PLUS participants to log in to our LMS (Learner Management System) to do a pre-training assessment, and some brief preparation exercises. The pre-training exercises activate the learners’ knowledge about the topic of the training and may introduce some important concepts that will be further explored in the workshop session.

During the workshop. Our dynamic, multimedia approach during the workshop fully engages participants and increases their retention of new learning. We employ a variety of web tools to allow collaboration and sharing between small groups and the whole class, and a variety of interaction types including pair work, group work, discussions, role plays, and mini-presentations.

After the workshop. This is where Vantage PLUS Workshops really stand out from the crowd. After the workshop session ends, participants return to the Vantage LMS to access additional activities that review, practice and apply the learning from the workshop. This extended learning takes place over several weeks after the workshop session, and culminates in an online post-training evaluation. 

We Offer the following Vantage PLUS Workshops:

Business Skills


Advanced Presentations

Presentations Preparation




Report Writing

Persuasive Proposal Writing

Email and Correspondence Writing

Meetings Minute-Writing

Socializing and Networking

Performance Skills


Creative Problem Solving



Interpersonal Skills

Management Skills


Team Building

People Management

Project Management

Motivation & Positive Reinforcement

Time Management

Conflict Management

Critical Thinking, Reasoning & Decision-Making

Other Skills

English for Health & Safety in the Workplace

Pronunciation for Thai Speakers of English

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