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The Social Media Revolution

If Facebook were a country, where would it rank in terms of population?

Do more people own a cheap toothbrush or a mobile device?

What percentage of buyers trust peer recommendations?

Everybody's Talkin' at Me

We live in age where we're bombarded with information.

Word of mouth has always been imporatant. Today - with the advent of social media - we've gone from just talking to our friends and neighbors to a global "World of Mouth" village.

Today we can talk to almost everyone everywhere like never before.

So is all this a fad?

You may find Erik Qualman's 2015 video showcasing the power of social and mobile has the answer...

A quick recap of the video stats:

  • Mobile drives over 50% of ecommerce traffic

  • Over 1.35 billion users on Facebook

  • Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30-years-old

  • 53% of millennial generation respondents (those born between 1981 and 2000) said they’d rather lose their sense of smell than their technology

  • More people own a mobile device than a toothbrush

  • By 2018 video will account for over 2/3 of mobile usage hence why 2/3 of orgs will increase spending on video this year

  • Every second 2 new members join LinkedIn

  • The LinkedIn age limit has been lowered to 13

  • Grandparents are the fastest growing demographic on twitter

  • 90% of buyers trust peer recommendations

  • The average attention span of a human is 7 seconds

  • The average attention span of a gold fish is 8 seconds.

And if you want the source of these stats, Erik has put up links from this page.

So what do you say?

Is social media is a fad...or a hugh shift?

Put your vote in the comments below.


About the Author

I’m the Managing Director at Vantage Siam, an authorized Cambridge English Exam Centre and management training firm.

We offer English language training via blended learning to both students and professionals in Thailand and also to remote learners throughout China.

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