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The Benefits of Bilingualism

Yes, speaking two (or more) languages will help your career by generally making you more employable - oftern at higher salary levels.

But you already knew that.

The latest scientific research is increasing discovering that being bilingual makes you smarter and greatly improves your cognitive skills because it makes your brain more fit.

And in long term, your health is more important than your money.

Some Key Health Benefits

  • improved memory,

  • improved decision making skills,

  • having denser gray matter in the brain

  • better multitasking abilities, and

  • reducing the onset of Alzheimer’s.

"Bilingual speakers are often found to be more creative, better complex problem solvers and better planners."

Not just Kid Stuff

Most people think these all great “bilingual benefits” are only for children lucky enough brought up in a dual language environment.

Not so.

3 Types of Bilingualism

In Mia Nacamulli's excellent (and short) TED-Ed Talk, she introduces three types of bilingualism – that last being adults who learn a second language much later in life by filtering from their mother tongue.

There's an increasing amount of scientific research that suggests the extra work bilingual brains do when translating has additional benefits - especially in old age.

Bottom line: it’s never too late to learn to speak a new language.

And you don’t even have to be fluent. Even a functioning working with a second language brings benefits.

About the Author

I’m the Managing Director at Vantage Siam, an authorized Cambridge English Exam Centre and management training firm.
We offer English language training via blended learning to both students and professionals in Thailand and also to remote learners throughout China.

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