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7 Myths about Writing

You don't have to be Shakespeare!

Most people think of themselves as “poor” or “fair” writers - even in their native language, which makes writing in a second language an even more frightning prospect.

Too much grammar?

Our formal schooling teaches us grammar and literature. You probably have all the grammar you need - even if English is your second language.

What most of us write ain’t literature.

Writing is speech you can see

All the writing you do informally on social media shares two important features with all the writing you do for work: writing is speech you can see.

One of the big myths about writing is that what we write at work should be more formal than speech.

Most of all your writing is informal

The fact is probably 90% of all work related writing is “your thinking made visible.”

Emails, announcements, advertising copy, website content; most of it is “informal”. And it should be. Readers today don’t have the time or patience to read boring pseudo-academic writing that’s written more to impress than to express.

And why should they? Who made that rule anyway?

Sometimes your writing is not the problem

Seven Myths about Writing

Take a look at our video Seven Myths About Writing where we'll look individually at each myth...breaking down every one...freeing up the writer already inside you.

Which myths are stopping you from writing naturally and successfully?

Would you like to break through the barriers holding you back?

Guest Blogger

Terry Erle Clayton is a psychologist, writer and educator based in Udon Thani, Thailand. Terry’s clients include UN agencies, NGOs, international research organizations, government ministries and private sector companies.

Terry’s Mindful Writing series is feautred on his Linkedin page. Terry is the author of two books. His latest can be found on his author's page. He writes for trade magazines and has two blogs, and

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