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The Covid-18 crisis has closed schools around the world. This has meant many teachers are making the transition from the classroom to online teaching.

Vantage is pairing up teachers who need to practice their online teaching skills with students who want to learn English.

We are providing this service free of charge!

If you want to take part in this unique opportunity to study English, follow these steps.

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Vantage will not use your registration information for any purposes other than to contact your for free English classes. You can opt out of the classes at any time. English learners from around the world are welcome to join. Please keep in mind that we are in Thailand, so we operate in the GMT+7 time zone.

American English File--A General English Course

Published by Oxford University Press, this new edition of American English File is still the number one course to get you speaking English fast..

Each course level below is a minimum of 72 hours of English coaching. It gives you all four language skills 

with a clear focus on speaking and pronunciation.

You don't have to complete an entire course, however, you will receive a Vantage Certificate of Achievement upon successful completion of the course.


Starter Level to mid-A1





2BPersonal Information & Numbers


3AEveryday Objects

3BTalking about Everyday Objects


4AFamily & Friends

4BDescribing Objects

4CIn a shop

5AIn a hair salon

5BMeals of the Day


6AJobs & Workplaces

6BA Typical Day

6CA Typical Workday in a Job

7ASports & Leisure Activities

7BTalking about Possibility


8AWhat People are Doing


8CA Day Off

9APlaces & Facilities

9BTalking about the Past

9CAsking for and Giving Directions

10A--Past Experiences

10B--Past Routines

10C--Talking about Interesting Places

11A--Asking for and Giving Opinions

11B--Telling a Story

11C     Making Offers & Invitations

12A     Future Plans

12B     Course Review


Elementary Level: mid-A1 to A2

1AGreetings & Introductions  

1BCountries & Nationalities   

1CPersonal Information          

2AEveryday Objects

2BDescribing Objects

2CFeelings & Instructions       



3CMeeting Online


4BEveryday Activities  

4CTime & Routines      

5ATalking about Ability & Possibility

5BWhat People are Doing

5CWeather & Seasons 

6AOn the Phone

6BLikes & Dislikes

6CTypes of Music

7ATalking about the Past

7BA Past Story

7CA Memorable Time in the Past

8AA Murder Investigation

8BDescribing Houses

8CA Haunted Hotel


9BAt a Restaurant

9CQuiz Shows

10AFamous Places & Buildings


10CMaking Predictions

11ADescribing Cities

11BTalking about Plans & Desires

11CUsing the Internet

12ABooks & Movies

12BTalking about Travel Experiences

12CInterview with a Famous Person


Intermediate Level: mid-A2 to B1

1AIntroductions & Talking about Yourself    

1BTalking about Family & Friends     

1CDescribing People

1DExplaining Words You Don’t Know

1EAir Travel & Describing Yourself

2ATalking about Past Vacations

2BTalking about Past Moments

2CHistory of Pop Music

2DA Past Story

2EAt a Conference Hotel

3ATraveling & Travel Plans

3BMaking Predictions

3CMaking Promises, Offers & Decisions


3ERestaurant Problems

4ATalking about Shopping Experiences

4BFamily Conflicts        

4CModern Life

4DDescribing Big Cities

4EAsking for Directions 

5AAt a Party

5BCauses of Good Feelings

5CTalking about Obligation & Necessity

5DSports & Movements in Sports     

5EAt a Department Store

6ATalking about Likely Conditions 

6BTalking about Unlikely Conditions 

6CMaking Decisions

6DAsking for and Giving Advice

6EAt a Pharmacy

7ATalking about Fears & Phobias

7BBiographies of Famous People

7CTalking about your Childhood

7DTalking about Inventions

7EA Boat Trip & Describing Buildings

8ATalking about the Weekend

8BHealth & Lifestyle

8CTalking about Daily Routines

8DTalking about Similarities

8EOn the Phone & Giving Opinions

9ATalking What Happened Last Week

9BReported Speech

Your English Proficiency Level

You will be asked on the registration page about your level of English. This is so we can put you in the right course

You can take our FREE General English test to find out your level. 

It's only 20 questions and it will tell you if your are a 'beginner', 'intermediate' or at an 'advanced' level of English.

You can take it again after studying 50 to 75 hours to see how much you've improved.

Again, it's completely free.


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