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TEFL Testimonials 3

Don't take our word. Listen to what Vantage TEFL alumni have to say.

You can see photos here of our TEFL trainees doing their "practicum"—their observed teaching practices.




Graduated on Friday; Hired on Monday


I graduated from Vantage TEFL on the Friday and Vantage set up an interview for the following Monday, which led to a great position being offered.  I couldn’t have done this any aster.


Vantage has agreements with some of Thailand’s leading teacher placement agencies who provided teachers into Thailand’s top schools. I actually had two different job offers to choose from on that first Monday.




Decades of Classroom Experience

The course itself was exceptionally well taught. And while it was intensive it was always engaging so I relished all the elbow grease I was putting in.


The lead trainer, Chris, has over two decades of teaching experience and the wealth of information he imparts in every single class adds a whole new dimension to the prescribed textbook.





Preparation Makes Perfect


The part I found the most challenging was creating the lesson plans...It made me realize how much work is actually put into teaching. As a student, you think a teacher just shows up, but that is not the case. There’s preparation, performance, and strategy involved. If you don’t want to put in any effort, this may not be the most ideal career choice for you.


TEFL prepares you to be an intuitive teacher. It gives you tools to add to your toolbox. What you do with it is on you.




Born in the Classroom!


Vantage is fond of saying that “new teachers are born in the classroom.” While I was skeptical at first, the hands-on teaching experience was amazing. The trainers have decades of experience of teaching overseas in a lot of different countries. I got great expert feedback after each session.


There was a lot of difference between my early and last teaching practices. I really saw myself developing into a professional teacher towards the end of practicum.




Great Preparation

I also got invaluable knowhow on how to create a successful lesson plan over the six sessions because each class had to be on a different language topic.


Once you know how to do a lesson plan of what you’re going to do for an hour with your students, you really gain a sense of confidence before even stepping into the classroom.




A New Teacher is Born


Where I really developed my teaching skills was through practice sessions followed by expert feedback. I had 7 hours of observed teaching to non-English speaking students


The feedback I got after each teaching session made a huge difference in knowing what to do and what to avoid. This real-time classroom experience was a huge ingredient in learning how to teach.




Confidence in the Classroom!


I decided to take the TEFL Certificate Couse with Vantage to gain confidence and knowledge to become different from the others. The lead trainer at Vantage is one of the best teachers I have ever studied with in my life! 


I highly recommend taking the TEFL certification course with Vantage to all those who wish to get an intensive and professional level TEFL training program. This course had a very positive impact on my career as an ESA teacher.




A Catalan turns to Teaching


The Vantage TEFL course was excellent.  Even before it began, I got great advice and even greater service.


At the last minute, I had to change my course dates due to some personal issues at home.  One quick email sorted out all my problems and Vantage immediately rescheduled my training and accommodation reservations to dates that worked really well.




Learning to Walk


Vantage met my special requirements.  I use a service dog and they were able to both find me accommodation that would allow my dog ‘Tagg’, but they even found a way to use Tagg’s highly trained obedience regimen in a hugely popular and highly effective practice class.


In Canada, I was a popular keynote motivational speaker—based on my book ‘Moving Forward’. The one absolute I’ve consistently advanced in my talks is that we must walk before we run in any avenue of life. Vantage’s program completely embodies just that!




100% Ready to Teach


Vantage’s TEFL course was very well designed and very varied (phonetics and phonology, methodology, grammar, management classroom, evaluation and testing, materials compilation, teaching techniques, and lesson plans).  It prepares you to be more hugely more confident and very successful in the classroom.


I highly recommend taking the TEFL certification course with Vantage to all those who wish to get an intensive and professional level TEFL training program.




100% Ready to Teach


Initially, I mostly chose Vantage based on its great reviews on the independent TEFL review sites like TCR. I got so much more than I ever bargained for.

I also came to the course feeling completely out of my comfort zone, but by the end, I left feeling 100% confident of my teaching skills in the classroom




Working with the Best

After just a week or so of classes, it’s not a surprise why Vantage is the leading TEFL course provider in Thailand.

The facilities are superb and Chris, our course instructor, was tremendously supportive. This is an intensive course as there’s a lot of course material to cover, but he was always very engaging so our interest never waned.




A Teacher Came for Language Teacher Training


Vantage is a place that will be missed and I highly recommend anyone who would like to teach in Thailand or abroad to come here because they will make you a good teacher. Taking the TEFL Course really took me to a whole new level in the teaching line and I believe I was at the right place just at the right time.


As it is rightly said, “A good teacher is one who has good students.”




World Class Training Team


Chris, Kevin and Ryan make an excellent TEFL Trainer team! This is one of the best courses I have ever taken in my life and HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!


Everything that is done in class definitely prepares you for your first day of teaching to real life Thai students. Every step of the way, I felt I was duly prepared by instruction in class as well as tips from the Vantage training team



South Africa

Fantastic Course!

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