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The TEFL Silk Road

American Accredited TEFL Certification—Guaranteed China Job

Teaching pathway to China on the TEFL Silk Road

The TEFL Silk Road Begins in Thailand

Your journey will embark in Bangkok, where you'll be trained to teach by the best. Vantage is #1 worldwide winning the Top TEFL Course Provider in the 2018 Community Choice Awards.


Our American Accredited TEFL course is a certification that’s good for life. Vantage’s TEFL graduates earn three credits that can be used as part of the requirements for a Master’s in Education from Fairmont State University in the USA.


 In Thailand, you will do our 120-hour, 4-week In-Class Course. Explore Bangkok during your course and have a Thai holiday before setting out on the next fork in the TEFL Silk Road—China


Save $500...Transforming Lives...Jumpstarting Your Career

Save $500 on your TEFL tuition with The TELF Silk Road

People all over the world need to speak English in order to capitalize on global opportunities. The demand for quality English teachers in China has never been greater.


That's where you come in.


Our partner, i2 Education, has a robust requirement for professionally trained, certified language teachers.  i2 will subsidize US$500 of your US$1,495 Vantage TEFL tuition when you sign a one year contract to teach in one of their 90+ schools in 17 cities throughout central and southern China.

You will teach young kids in small classes of three to six students.  You’ll make over US$2,550 per month. And you’ll get a signing/relocation bonus in your first month’s paycheck of US$860 dollars—easily covering your airfare from Thailand to any of their schools. There's much more to i2’s generous benefits package.


This is an unbelievable deal. A globally accredited TEFL certification at a special price of US$995 with a guaranteed job at a prestigious school waiting to you.


Within just one year, you can experience two exotic Asian cultures, achieve a professional level qualification, and have extensive experience in teaching English overseas as a foreign language.

Introducing i2 Education

i2 Education is one of the largest and most respected training centers in China. Founded in 2011, i2 provides international education to its students in an all-foreign-teacher environment.


It's one of China’s most prestigious English Language schools—it’s grown to 91 campuses in 17 cities. i2 has employed over 600 foreign teachers and it has educated 20,000+ students.


i2 has also raised the bar for language schools in China. In 2013, it won two Golden Wings Awards. It was recognized as the Most Influential Foreign Language Training Organization as well as the Most Influential Educational Group.

Teaching pathway to China on the TEFL Silk Road

I2 Education provides ESL teachers an opportunity to gain training within a rewarding position—at competitive salaries—for providing courses in language, sports, dance, arts, and sciences. No other school offers such a varied opportunity to excel.


Teachers Talking About Their i2 Experience

How it all Works

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It's a simple process:


Make an application for the TEFL Silk Road program. It's completely free and does not commit you in any way. There will be a pre-screening by Vantage and then you will do two interviews with i2 Education via Skype.


Upon acceptance into the program, you will be enrolled in an upcoming Vantage TEFL Certification course at a date of your choosing and space availability.. 


You will need to pay your special TEFL tuition of US$995 and complete Vantage's TEFL Certification Course


After your TEFL course, you're ready to go to Chengdu (or another i2 city in China). Your guaranteed job awaits you!

Requirements for The TEFL Silk Road


To be accepted into the TSR Program, you must:


  • Be a native English Speaker and a citizen of one of the countries listed below.

  • Have a Bachelor's degree (in any major), and

  • Complete a Police Background Check from your home country.*

  • 22 to 45 years old.

  • Be successfully interviewed by i2 Education.

For the TEFL Silk Road program, you must be one of the following nationalities: UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and South Africa.


* If you’ve lived abroad in one country for at least one year, you can get a police background check from that country.

Should We Be Talking?

If you like to know more, you can with make a free application below or, if you prefer, simply email us at ​with any questions or comments you’d like to put to us.

Apply for the TEFL Silk Road Program
Teaching pathway to China on the TEFL Silk Road

Why it’s Great to Teach in China

China’s economy is now the world’s second largest economy and the Chinese increasingly need to speak English more fluently in order to capitalize on global opportunities.


This has created a robust demand for language teachers and, as a result, salaries for English teachers in China have also increased rapidly. Yet the cost of living in China is still quite low in comparison to Western countries,


Across China, entry-level teachers, with minimal or no teaching experience, can reasonably expect to make anywhere from $900 to $1900 per month, which has nearly three times the local purchasing power that it would have in the U.S. 


Yet i2 Education salary starts at $2,550—plus benefits!


Teaching salaries in China allow you to live comfortably and explore this vast country at the weekends and during holidays. You can explore China’s unrivaled history and a depth of culture going back thousands of years.


Read six more reasons why says the Middle Kingdom is becoming one of the great places on planet earth to teach English.

Doing Your TEFL Certification in Bangkok

Bangkok is a great place to do your TEFL.


The City of Angels is special as many Thais from all over the Kingdom come to the capital to work bringing their unique regional culture with them. Bangkok is a melting pot of all things Thai. It’s a great place to get a feel for the entire Siamese culture.


It’s also a fantastic place to eat.  CNN Travel rated it the best place for street food on planet earth. 


And it has excellent accommodation at very competitive prices.

Bangkok—a big city—with a small town feel.

Bangkok-Dollar-Menu Cover.jpg
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