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Specialized Training for the Improvement of Thai Teachers

Vantage was selected to run a series of workshops for Thailand's Ministry of Education.

Vantage was chosen not only because of its award-winning TEFL teacher training program in certifying new instructors but also because of its extensive background in testing and assessment know-how.


Each workshop was a full, 4-day training session, where Thai teachers of English were trained on language assessment techniques as well as level measurement strategies. Over 400 hundred teachers attended,


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Comupter Adaptive Testing

The trainees were introduced to a new form of language testing. Computer adaptive exams are more secure, easier to administer, cost less and have greater accuracy than traditional "linear" tests. 

The 'adaptive GETS Placement Test was selected as the exam the trainees were training to assess their current English level. This exam has 52 questions supported by a question bank of over 2,000+ question items.

An adaptive exam can have the same level of accuracy as a linear test with only half the number of questions. 

A key component of these workshops was to cover the GETS Placement Test's mechanics and the types of questions the test covers.


The CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference)

In addition to a testing system that can determine a student's English level, it's important also to have a measurement system that's reliable and universally recognized.

That's where the CEFR comes in.  The workshops also extensively covered the CEFR and how it has become the industry standard for measuring language proficiency and a key resource for educational policy worldwide.



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