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TEFL Testimonials 4

Don't take our word. Listen to what Vantage TEFL alumni have to say.


You can see photos here of our TEFL trainees doing their "practicum"—their observed teaching practices.




This course is outstanding!


Even though I have five years of teaching experience, there are many things during this course that gave me a big eye-opening and understanding how useful it was to take an in-class course.


I would heartily recommend Vantage to anyone interested in a teaching career. 




Thoroughly Prepared


The course itself was exceptionally well taught. And while it was Vantage’s lead trainer, Chris, is one of the best teachers I have ever had in my life! He goes into details, he explains and answers every question very accurately! That is amazing!


The course was very well designed and very varied (phonetics and phonology, methodology, grammar, management classroom, evaluation and testing, materials compilation, teaching techniques, and lesson plans) and it prepares you to be more hugely more confident and very successful in the classroom.





A Science Teacher Trains in TEFL


I had accepted a position teaching chemistry in a Thai high school and the school that hired me—as I had no teaching experience—wanted me to do a TEFL certification course beforehand.


They recommended Vantage as they had a number of teachers who were trained there and they were all subsequently highly successful in their client schools.

This TEFL course was intensive. Having said that, the lead trainer was super engaging and the course was always interesting and fun. The the time just flew by.


rsz_img_20190213_171825 (1).jpg


New Zealand

A Combine Course Review


As I was working full time, I couldn’t afford the full 4 weeks of a standard In-Class course at Vantage full time. So I opted for their Combined Class, where I did the course book online and then came to Bangkok for a fortnight to do my observed practice teaching session.

The feedback I got from Vantage’s trainers was focused, highly targeted and very useful. Even though I was an experienced educator, I was relatively new to teaching non-English speaking students and I found the communicative approach I was now using highly effective. I saw myself getting better at it with each practice session.





A Combine Course Review


I had signed up for the combined TEFL online study course. I was to do the study part online and then attend the Vantage center for 2 weeks of teaching practice. I went to the Vantage center prior to my teaching practice and was invited to come sit through the whole course session, at no extra charge, even though I was already doing the study part online.


I decided to go ahead and sit through the whole course and I'm so glad I did! You definitely learn more from being in the classroom! 





The Extra Mile 

Vantage’s training was world-class and the trainers were highly knowledgeable with great personalities. They go the extra mile to make sure they develop you into a professional teacher and then find you an excellent teaching position.


This was particularly important to me as I was new to teaching and making a career change.

I highly recommend Vantage’s TEFL course. These are your guys if you’re looking for a new teaching career as I was.





Practice Teaching Critical

For me, the practicum was the heart and soul of the course. It was these observed teaching sessions where my new knowledge was turned into real teaching skills. After each practice session, I got great feedback from the trainers, which helped me to improve my teaching skills quickly and efficiently.

Today, I feel highly confident, that I can start teaching successfully. I would highly recommend this TEFL course to anyone considering a teaching career. If you want to successfully stand in from of a classroom, get your training at Vantage.





The Right Place


The experience I had at Vantage was immensely positive. I came to the TEFL certification course with many worries and concerns, but after the first day, I knew I chose the right place.


Chris was an amazing instructor and I honestly can’t imagine taking this course without him as my teacher. We dived right into the material, and despite the workload, it was quite enjoyable. The small class size meant that I was able to get a lot of personal feedback and attention throughout the course. 




Absolutely Fantastic!


This course was absolutely fantastic in terms of efficiency and content. I came into it not knowing what to expect and lacking confidence in my own ability. But although it may seem like a lot of work (which it is), this course contains everything one may need to build that confidence up.


As the main trainer said to me during the course, confidence comes naturally with both solid knowledge and practice: at Vantage, you’ll get plenty of both.




Hats Off!


Congrats to the training team at Vantage! I read a number of their reviews before I enrolled and I really think that’s it’s their high level of training expertise backed by decades of experience that’s the secret in their sauce.

I came into this program seeking a career change from a professional athlete to a qualified teacher. And the training I got was second to none.




A New Life


I chose this course because I felt that I would learn more if I was taught in a classroom as opposed to doing a course online, but I got so much more for my money than I expected.

The manager, Kevin, gave new life to my boring old CV by turning it into a beautiful power resume. This got me multiple job offers within days of finishing the course.



Dong Ping


A Mandarin Teacher Does TEFL 

I already had experience as a Mandarin teacher. I took a TEFL as I wanted to be a better language teacher in both Mandarin and in English. 

The trainers at Vantage they told me that the ESA teaching methodology can be applied to any language and that they had already trained Mandarin, French and Spanish language instructors who were now teaching to great success. And they were completely right as I'm getting more job offers as few Mandarin teachers do a TEFL, which they see as only for English teachers.





Extremely Engaging Course

Vantage’s course is workshop based which I loved because it meant a smaller sized and more intimate group, where we could really engage with our fellow trainees as well as the lead trainer. Chris, was very knowledgeable as he has over two decades of experience as teacher, trainer and a materials developer. I think I learn much more this way than in a traditional lecturer approach typical of your average TEFL.





Ready for Work!

Vantage has their own Jobs Coach, and during the course, Kevin already put out my resume, so interview and had a job offer by the last week. A good salary and even medical and dental insurance were included in the package. This position has been a great experience since.

Vantage completely prepared me to step confidently into a classroom.  Thanks guys!


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