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Cambridge's Business Start-Up

You will be using two world-class textbooks from Cambridge University Press.

Business Start-Up is a two-level course for beginners to intermediate students who need English for their work. These courses bring reality to learning with a focus on real companies and products and practice in the communication skills that professionals really need.

Business Start-Up 1 is for elementary students (high A1 to A2).

Business Start-Up 2 is for more proficient high elementary to intermediate students (A2 to B1).

Virtual Vantage course will feature all four language skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Completion of the course will provide your with a solid foundation for using English in the workplace and for further learning.

Each course has 12 units with 3 parts, and each part is a 2-hour class. So each Business Start-Up course is approximately 72 hours of course work that can be completed in 3 to 5 months depending on the time you can spend on a weekly basis.

You don't have to complete an entire course, however you will receive a Vantage Certificate of Achievement upon successful completion of the course.

Vantage offers free Cambridge Business English courses

Language topics covered in Business Start-Up 1 and 2

Business Start Up 1 (Levels A1 to A2)

Vantage offers Free Business Start-up 1 course

1.1 Meeting People

1.2 Saying where you're from

1.3 Offering and asking for drinks

2.1 Telephone numbers and email addresses

2.2 Asking about timetables

2.3 Buying food

3.1 Talking about your job

3.2 Describing a company

3.3 Talking about daily routines

4.1 Coping with difficult language

4.2 Writing simple emails

4.3 Using the Internet

5.1 Asking about business facilities

5.2 Asking for and give directions

5.3 Talking about your home

6.1 Talking about life at work

6.2 Saying what you're doing

6.3 Saying what you do in your free time

7.1 Arranging to meet

7.2 Discussing future arrangements

7.3 Buying train tickets

8.1 Talking about past events

8.2 Giving an update

8.3 Talking about holidays

9.1 Exchanging information by email

9.2 Making telephone calls

9.3 Talking about the weather and climate

10.1 Making comparisons

10.2 Making choices

10.3 Checking in for a flight

11.1 Making plans

11.2 Describing plans

11.3 Staying at a hotel

12.1 Discussing how business is going

12.2 Discussing sales and orders

12.3 Shopping

Business Start Up 2 (Levels A2 to B1)

Vantage offers Free Business Start-up 2 course

1.1 Talking about your job

1.2 Taking about products and services

1.3 Eating out

2.1 Discussing work in progress

2.2 Discussing strengths and weaknesses

2.3 Talking about your interests

3.1 Comparing offers

3.2 Discussing requirements

3.3 Describing places

4.1 Discussing past performance

4.2 Discussing past projects

4.3 Talking about the weekend

5.1 Making arrangements

5.2 Confirming arrangements

5.3 Sightseeing

6.1 Forecasting

6.2 Discussing aims

6.3 Booking a flight

7.1 Talking about your education

7.2 Giving an update

7.3 Discussing interesting experiences

8.1 Understanding business news

8.2 Talking about the economy

8.3 Discussing what's on TV

9.1 Describing a business concept

9.2 Discussing strategies

9.3 Using the internet

10.1 Discussing ideas

10.2 Making decisions

10.3 Dealing with problems

11.1 Describing how things work

11.2 Describing safety procedures

11.3 Using tourist facilities

12.1 Attending meetings

12.2 Passing on information

12.3 Welcoming visitors


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