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Thailand COVID-19 Crisis Information

Vantage TEFL is committed to scientifically-based procedures and Thai government-mandated rules that will minimize any risks in contracting and transmitting the coronavirus.

Breaking & Developing News

From 1 April 2021, the quarantine period will be reduced from 14 days to 10 days for unvaccinated arrivals under certain conditions.


If you have been vaccinated, your quarantine will be reduced to one weekApproved vaccines are listed by the Thai Ministry of Public Health (or WHO).  

And also this…

Thailand's Education Ministry plans to recruit 10,000 English teachers to improve Thai students' proficiency in the language as soon as the situation is safe to do so. He first said this in February and reiterated it again in September.


He added the coronavirus crisis has not change the MoE's plans--only slowed down the implementation.

It looks like Thailand will be hiring a lot of new teachers once the coronavirus crisis winds down.

Thailand’s Unsung Covid-19 Success Story

Thailand’s (so far) mild Covid-19 experience likely owes to a uniquely Thai mix of factors.

These include a successful appeal to Thai nationalism so that “stay-at-home” and “social distancing” orders have been obeyed as patriotic duty. And there is the near-universal adoption of mask-wearing.

Thailand’s tentative success could also owe in part its unique culture. Thais traditionally greet each other without touching, through prayer-like wais.


A Buddhism-inspired reticence, witnessed on eerily silent public transit buses and trains, has also arguably helped to keep aspirated viral contagion out of the air.   

7 secrets of Thai Covid-19 success is an excellent insight into the Thai response to the coronavirus crisis.

Vantage Resources and Rules

You will need to wear a mandatory mask on our training premises and this is especially important when we teach offsite in Thai classrooms.

Additionally, Vantage maintains full lavatories with soap and water. Additionally, we provide hand sanitizer throughout our training center. Our center also employs frequent surface disinfection.

Social distancing is practiced. 

Key Information Sources for Thailand's Coronavirus Crisis

Thailand's New Normal

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