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Cambridge Young Learners English

Children who learn English when they are young have an advantage that will stay with them all their life.

Get hands on instruction from Cambridge-certified examiners.

Courses give children coaching in all four skills used on the tests – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Give your child the best preparation for the Cambridge Young Learners for English (YLE) exams.

Internationally Recognized Standards

Picaro is the first comprehensive English course incorporating a proven world-class curriculum presented using the principles of gamification.



A Comprehensive Course. A World-Class Curriculum.

The Young Learns prep course is built upon Cambridge English's Young Learners English (YLE) curriculum. Picaro provides step-by-step instructuion for teaching 1,175 English words. It's a complete 16 unit, four-level English course for primary age children with over 300 hours of tuition. 


Picaro's "blended learning" has four main components: 

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