GETS English Placement Test 

What is the GETS Placement Test?

The State-of-the-Art English Placement Test

This quick and convenient placement test caters to a broad band of proficiency levels (CEFR Levels A2 to C1) and uses innovative methods of assessment including video-based items in order to create a natural test experience.

The GETS Placement test is an adaptive exam. That means it tailors itself according to the test taker's performance as one progresses through different parts. Learn more about computer adaptive testing and how its the future of English language testing.

The test development is backed by three years of research by QAI, UK and selects questions based on accurate linguistic measurements.


Exam Overview





Reading & Listening

A1 to C1

Aligned to CEFR levels

Exam highlights & Features

Exam Features

  • 60 questions in 30 minutes

  • Computer Adaptive: the Test adapts itself to the test-taker’s performance

  • Video-based engaging test experience and based on real-world communications


  • Instant Results measured aligned and mapped to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and on the GETS Scale of English


  • Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Data Analytics for high-quality test item delivery and reporting

  • Developed by a highly experienced team of English language experts

Results You Can Use

The GETS Placement Exam Assesses:

Listening: The ability to understand acceptable English accents & pronunciation and the complete, accurate, contextual
meaning of spoken language dialogues or monologues.


Reading: The ability to read everyday texts efficiently and understand their overall meaning as well as detailed meaning.


Spoken English: The ability to make suitable grammatical choices and demonstrate awareness of how the context
affects the choice words in conversational English.


Written English: The ability to make accurate choices of tone, register, grammar, words, and expressions in written


Lexical Resource: The awareness of the form-meaning, pronunciation and appropriate usage of words, phrases as
well as collocations and idiomatic language.


Grammar and Structures: The understanding of grammatical structures. It covers the use of tenses, verb forms, determiners,
connectors, prepositions, modals, and conditionals.

Aligned to the CEFR

The GETS Placement Exams tied to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) .


That means you'll get clear individual test reports that give you a summary of each candidate’s overall levels in Reading, listening


You can learn more about the industry standard for measuring English language proficiency on our Understanding the CEFR page.

The CEFR language proficiency measurement scale
Computer-Adaptivity: The Future of Testing


The CEPT-Metrica is also Computer-Adaptive.exam.


This is a relatively new testing methodology in which the exam's difficulty is automatically adjusted during the test based upon an examinee's performance.


These tests are more accurate, more secure, shorter to take and usually cost less to administer

The Cambridge English Placement Test: Free Demo Test

Take a Test Drive

To get an idea of how the test works, click here to try our free online demo.


The demo version shows you how the test looks and the types of questions students are asked.


Demo tests are not given scores, so you won't get a result.

Tech Specs

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