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Clear Speech

The world’s best known pronunciation series helps students master the most important features of spoken English.

Cambrdige Clear Speech textbook 4th edition

Too Shy to Speak?

Employees that are too afraid to use their English could mean lost business for your company. And that's a cost that's hard to recover.

We can help build their speaking confidence.

And given that we speak a lot more than we write, this is a crucial commnications and business skill.


Vantage instructors give expert guidance and practical help that will make your staff's English speaking a lot better. And that means they'll speak it more often and with more confidence.

Speaking to be Understood 

This Cambridge course book – now in its fourth edition – is one of the most successful courses that students can use to learn to speak English clearly.

Vantage native-speaker teachers will emphasize stress, rhythm, and intonation and students will also study practical spelling rules, which allow them to pronounce new words correctly.


We teach our students to focus their attention on individual speech sounds that carry important grammatical meaning, such as the verb-final “d" that signals the past tense, and the noun-final ”s" that signals the plural.

Vantage’s focus on the relationship between speaking and listening comprehension makes this course uniquely helpful.

Key features

  • Hundreds of exercises, help out students comprehend what they hear and communicate it more clearly.

  • A focus on the most important concepts makes the best use of class time and builds student confidence.

  • Every teaching point is designed not only to help you speak better but also to improve your listening comprehension skills.

Cambridge Clear Speech: Clarity in your speech!

Want to learn more?

Call us today or drop us a line at We'd be happy to discuss your particular needs in detail.

Cambridge clear speech sound waves
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